Results of Bear and Friends in My House near Alpine Meadows Ski Area

November 25 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) we were notified a bear broke into the cabin at Tahoe. It (along with some raccoon friends) came in through a forced window in a downstairs bedroom and had a field day(s) eating and scattering food throughout the cabin. Rex, our electronic watchdog didn't do much good as he barked and barked and they just thought it was dinner music. The pictures below show some of the mess.

This is what we saw when we first came in the cabin

Close up

Instant Cocoa with rug, mmmm good

Small Bear smudge marks?

Tried to push the door open, but 2-3" screws held the plate

I didn't do it

Any one see a cracker?

Bottom drawer was popped out of track

Low fat cocoa isn't that interesting

Lucky the stove top was glass, so it cleaned up easily

This bear hadn't learned about Karo yet

The edge of the counter is really the color of the counter

If only someone would cook this for us

Cocao, flour, cake mix and bear goo is hard to clean

Now, how did he know to pull the comforter back?

There WAS 1 energy bar in this jacket which was in the closet

The chocolate wrappers all laid out looks like racoon's work

Food in and something comes out

What's a good meal without a drinking fountain?

Notice top shelf wasn't touched

Now we have positive identification

These are racoon prints a few weeks later in the snow, checking for that open window

More evidence

Must taste better if we drag it first across the room

Go Lean Crunch bar is better on the couch, says Mr. Racoon

Found this behind the cabin a week after the discovered breakin.. Any ideas what it is?