To get a larger picture from a thumbnail, just click on it. You don´t have to click the back button to get the thumbnail again. Just click on the large picture and it will go back to the thumbnails, or where the big picture came from. You don´t need to use the back button on your browser. That is except if you go to a movie, which is on the youtube website. To get back from there hit the back button on your browser.

The following convention links all the pictures on this site to the originator. The actual picture name will be on the top of the larger image.

If the name looks like DSC_XXXX, The pictures were taken by Shelly with a Nikon D7100 Digital SLR, with a 18-105 DX-VR lens.
If the name looks like IMG_XXXX, The pictures were taken by Shelly with a Apple iPhone 5S.
If the name looks like P1000xxxx, The pictures were taken by Lynne with a Panasonic Lumix DMCSZ7 10X Zoom with a Leica Lens.

Some of the pictures were modified in Photoshop, others were taken in RAW mode and modified/converted.


A folder was made containing all the best pictures for the web site. The pictures were copied onto a SD card in a empty folder that looked like a Camera made folder. The card was ejected from the reader and then reinserted. Using Apple´s Image Capture software a web page was made. (web page is one of many options) I changed the slide titles from camera ID numbers to real words, changed background color, put in titles, and words. All that remained was uploading the pictures and the webpages to my providers computer which has some space reserved for my web pages.

Some of the other fancy stuff (movies, sounds, etc) were just inserted using simple html language. You are free to view --> page source from your browser to see (copy) it.

If you want any of these pictures just ask me, you are free to copy the ones on the website but they are only 72 dpi, where the cameras took up to 300 dpi (better for printing on paper).