The following convention was used for naming of all the pictures on this site. To see the actual picture name just click on the thumbnail to get the larger image, the name will be on the top. Also you donŐt have to click the back button to get the thumbnail again. Just click on the large picture and it will go back to the thumbnails. You donŐt need to use the back button on your browser.



If the name looks like DSC_0XXX (with an underscore)       The pictures were taken by Bill  with a Nikon 705 Single lens reflex digital. All the originals were between 150kb and 1.4 mb.



If the name looks like 2007XXXX_0XXX         The pictures were taken by Lynne with a Canon PowerShot FD300



If the name looks like DSCNXXXX         The pictures were taken by Shelly with a Nikon Coolpix 5000.











The ones on the website are about 400k and the thumbnails are about 50k

The web pages were built as follows:



A folder was made of pictures for a particular topic.



Pictures were selected for a particular topic



Then I copied the pictures onto my Compact Flash card and re-read it, using AppleŐs Image Capture software. It made a web page. (One of many options)



Then  I changed some of the slide titles to real words, changed background color, put in titles, and arrows.


Uploaded to my providerŐs website.