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More Quebec

Another view of the Château Frontenac

The Notre-Dame-des-Victories church

Inside the Notre-Dame-des-Victories church, A model boat which is suspended from the church‘s ceiling represents the boat that brought the French soldiers on their journey to New France in 1664.

Place-Royale square

La Fresque des Quebecois is a famous wall mural on the exterior of a building near Place Royale in Old Quebec. Twelve artists joined forces, some from Canada and some from France, to create this masterpiece. It recreates itself over 400 years of history

A mural created with an incredible amount of detail adorns a wall along Rue du Petite-Champlain in Quartier Petite Champlain in Old Quebec, Canada. A different activity takes place in each room with intricate features in the decor of the rooms and on each person.

From the top of the Édifice Marie-Guyart building there are some terrific views of Quebec.

The Musée des Voltigeurs de Québec is one of the most comprehensive regimental museums and richest in Canada. Located in the very walls of the armory Voltigeurs de Québec. It is the jewel of Québec’s heritage mess. It compiles, among other weapons, medals and uniforms from various conflicts, and more valuable pieces like the bell of Vimy.

Parlament Building

Sainte-Jean-Baptiste Church

& the Château Frontenac again