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October 2005 Elderhostel trip to Mammoth and beyond
10/31 added pictures from Steve Walsh (they have no numbers in title when you blow them up)

Aspen trees with first snow at Alpine Meadows

Mt Morrison behind Convict Lake

View near Convict Lake

Reflections from Convict Lake

Catch at Convict Lake

Emerald Lake and Blue Crag

Does that Jeffrey Pine smell like vanilla, butter scotch or bear P?

Vic = Mr. Photo

Reflection in Arrowhead Lake

Quick...get the rope

up we go

Climb to Sky Meadows

Trail to Sky Meadows

stop for a photo

Skelton Lake

Stamp what?

watch your fingers

Mine elevators in Bodie

Shaft with lifters for stamping rods

Town of Bodie

Stamp mill from distance

Last miner

It's all his fault

Virginia Lakes

Blue Lake

Moon over Eastern Sierras from Panum Crater @ Mono Lake

Paoha Island in Mono Lake

Part of the plug in Panum Crater

Plug or are we on the moon?

Eastern Sierras in background

From Panum Crater to Mono Lake

Click the picture to see more Tufa Pictures

Hiking in the Fissures at Black Point

One Fissure

Long shadows coming down from Black Point

Mono Lake and black sand

Getting down is easy

Early view on Rock Creek hike

Mack Lake

Reflection in Long Lake

Another reflection

And another reflection

Chickenfoot Lake

Almost at Morgan Pass

At the pass

Morgan Mountain

Do your see the thin ice on Gem Lake?

This really is running water

Hot Creek

Rocky roots

Rainbow falls near Devil's Postpile

Devil's Postpile

Nature's natural paving stones above Devil's Postpile

Earthquake fault near Mammoth ski area

On Lembert Dome

Cathedral Peak from Lambert Dome

What's Yosemite without El Cap?