England & Scotland - July 2002

Arrived in England,joined the boat and found nselves in a lock

A little company in the lock

Cleaning up while we fill with water

Back to Lynne who has been saving??? our spot

The Millennium Eye in London

Or is it a bicycle wheel

Waterloo station from the eye

view from the eye

eye bubble looking at eye bubble

Millennium Bridge

View from eye

View from eye

Millennium Bridge

Shelly, Pam & Bill on the eye

Hampton Flower Show

Hampton Flower Show

Hampton Flower Show

Little plants that eat people

This plant eats fingers

Scary Plants

Richmond in England????

Leaving the river for the canal

Pam, Bill & Shelly

Some helpers

Some helpers helping


Push that lock open

Egret leaving

Swan doing a neck wrestle for bread

Some people cook, some snooze and some smile

A bridge that just turns out of the way

Swan and kids

Keeping the boat straight

Did the swans hear "food"

Lynne in boat in Canal going over the motorway

Swans in canal going over the motorway

Swans again

Hi from canal over motorway

Canal grafitti -1

Canal grafitti -2

Canal grafitti -3

Canal over stream

Where are we

Closing the flood gates

Gotta be a mad cow for drinking Canal water

Now who would put money in that meter

Anybody home?

They ship too

Ball & book in Milton Keynes

No place to check luggage in Milton Keynes

Shelly & Jenny at a Distillery in Scotland

If the work cone is on the statue, you must be in Glasgow

She just dove into my swimming pool

Those cars are on neatly folded newspaper mountains

On the P.S. Waverly, the last sea going paddle steamer

Lynne with paddle boat in back

What is going on there?

Shelly & Jenny at Holyrood

Wind scuplture at Mackintosh's Hill house in Helensburgh, Scotland,

Is that a canal ending in midair?

Actually the boat just went into a rotating lock

Tunnel behind lock

Looking towards the lock

Closer to the end of the Canal

View from the lock in motion

Another View from the lock in motion

Lock in motion

View from tunnel

Jenny & Winnie

Jenny Winnie, Shelly & Lynne at a Carvery

Jennie, Shelly & Winnie at Jenny's house in Paisley

Spoils from trip