Maggie Serenade

(3 verses and 2 solos)



Thanks for the memories

The blistering heat your blistered feet

The little black book with stories so neat

And the quotes from Muir were such a treat

 So, thank you so much!



The river at Glen Aulin was so welcome

The May Lake dawn was wonderful as well

The switchbacks up to Sunrise were a challenge

And Vogelsang just plain hell.



Thanks for the memories

Your giggles and your smiles

Helped us through the miles

Your tears your cheers

Calming all of our fears

Oh, thank you so much!



The mountain views were always just so awesome

Six chilly nights were just as awesome too

But your high camp loopers stumbled right on through it

Laughing with you and learning from you.



So thanks for the memories

The moleskin the duct tape

The sunburn and all.

This country these trails

We all had a ball.

So, Maggie, thank you!