The following convention was used for naming of all the pictures on this site:




If the name looks like DSCNXXXX         The pictures were taken by Shelly with a Nikon Coolpix 5000. All the originals are about 1.5 meg. The ones on the website are 100-200k and the thumbnails are 60-70k





If the name looks like DSCNXXXXa       (same as above with an " a " at the end), it was modified in some way using photoshop.





If the name looks like DSCNXXXXB      (with a " B " at the end), they were taken by Bill Johnson using a Sony DSC30, the orginals are about a 700k file.




If the name looks like DSCNXXXXF      (with a " F " at the end), they were taken by Becky Ferguson using a film camera, the orginals are about a 250k file.


The web pages were built as follows:



A folder was made of pictures for a particular day.



Then using Photoshop’s Automate Web Photo Gallery, it made .htm files for each blow up picture, but I had to edit them a little.



Then I copied the folder onto my Compact Flash card and re-read it, using Apple’s Image Capture software. It made a web page that I liked better than Photoshop’s. But I had to edit the .htm to change the file names to be compatible with what Photoshop did.



Also the Image Capture software made file with names that had .JPG.jpg in it. They all had to be modified, getting rid of 1 JPG.



The thumbnails that Image Capture made were nicer than Photoshop, so they all got replaced……must have been an easier way.