Juliana Bratun Freeman

Juliana Freeman

Guess a letter (press key on key board) and the Spanish Word that means the same thing as the expression.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are allowed 7 wrong guesses!

When you are set free for the first time there may be a delay while your freedom quote and music load! ENJOY!!!!!!

THERE IS A NEW LANGUAGE GAME (sorry will not work on old Macintosh or Apple machines OS 9 and below) it is the Coast Miwok language and you can hear the words http://www.sonic.net/~star/CoastMiwok/CoastMiwok.html (capital letters are important)

For stories and games from the book, "Star Walkers", by Arthur Jacobs, follow the links.
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Do You Know Italian? Well you can learn it and see italy: http://www.sonic.net/~star/italian.html
This page shows you how the game reflects life.
Sierra Youth Center
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