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Steve Ayala
Petaluma 2011


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Family picture

Our Ayala Family

In August 1775, Lt.Juan Manuel de Ayala's San Carlos became the first European ship to enter San Francisco Bay ...

Anne and I were Peace Corps volunteers in a university & secondary education program in Quito, Ecuador from 1964 through 1966 ...

During high school, Alec managed a food program at a Petaluma care hospital...

Daniel studies fish populations in the seas between Denmark and Greenland ...

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Studies & Employment

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Raising a wall
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Teaching, Wildlife disease research, Construction, Fire fighting, Printing ...

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Hobbies & Interests

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Natural communities: Wildflowers and Pacific coast native iris, Parasites of man and wildlife. Neighborhood involvement: Vector control district Trustee, Homeowner Association Board, Volunteer projects. Human relations: International folk dance, Web site communication...

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Recent Projects

Clan of the Cave Bear cover

Just Finished: Folk dance music DVD, Mosquito Control Employee Policy Manual. Ongoing: Homeowners Association Director, Mosquito Control District Trustee, Folk Dance group secretary. Next in Line: Iris web site, Colombia lizards guidebook, Favorite books to reread.

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