Class Spectrum

  extended by org.razvan.jzx.BaseComponent
      extended by org.razvan.jzx.BaseSpectrum
          extended by org.razvan.jzx.v48.Spectrum

public class Spectrum
extends BaseSpectrum

The 48k model specialization of the BaseSpectrum class.

Razvan Surdulescu (c) 2001 - 2006
You may use and distribute this software for free provided you include this copyright notice. You may not sell this software, use my name for publicity reasons or modify the code without permission from me.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.razvan.jzx.BaseSpectrum
FREQUENCY_MS, ISSUE_2, ISSUE_3, m_clock, m_container, m_cpu, m_cyclesLine, m_frequency, m_io, m_issue, m_keyboard, m_memory, m_scale, m_screen, m_status, m_tvLines, m_vline
Fields inherited from class org.razvan.jzx.BaseComponent
m_logger, m_spectrum
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getMode()
          String that describes the type of Spectrum ("48", "128").
 void init(BaseSpectrum spectrum, ILogger logger)
          Allocate the 48k model versions of the memory and I/O objects.
Methods inherited from class org.razvan.jzx.BaseSpectrum
emulate, getContainer, getCPU, getFrequency, getIO, getIssue, getKeyboard, getMemory, getScale, getScreen, getVline, load, pause, reset, setFrequency, setScale, stop, terminate, unpause, update
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Constructor Detail


public Spectrum()
Method Detail


public void init(BaseSpectrum spectrum,
                 ILogger logger)
Allocate the 48k model versions of the memory and I/O objects.

Set the m_tvLines parameter to 312 and m_cyclesLine parameter to 224.

init in class BaseSpectrum
See Also:
BaseSpectrum.m_tvLines, BaseSpectrum.m_cyclesLine


public java.lang.String getMode()
Description copied from class: BaseSpectrum
String that describes the type of Spectrum ("48", "128").

Specified by:
getMode in class BaseSpectrum