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Here are some of the testimonials I've received:

Thanks Ingrid!
I love the garden-it's beautiful...
Keep going!!!
Nicole...San Francisco

You work magic! I sold the house
last week without even putting it on
the market...Thanks for all your help...
Tessa...San Francisco

To Ingrid,
with many thanks...If you have time
come and see how pretty it all is!
Trevie...San Francisco

Dear Ingrid,
Bravo! Great job on the Oasis!
Sincerely, Byron...Pacifica

Dear Ingrid,
Thank you for keeping my garden
so beautiful...Love, Mrs. Rosenbaum

Another Rosarian! Thanks for what
you are doing for the Rose Society!
Bruce Phillips...San Francisco

Dear Ingrid,
Thank you so much for helping me on
such short notice...You did a great job,
everything looked nice...
Jan, San Francisco

Thanks, it looks great!
We really appreciate your "touch"
in our garden...
Pat and Dick, San Rafael

Dear Ingrid,
Thanks for all your help.
The white camellias are just beginning
to bloom and the garden is looking great!
Evelyn, San Francisco



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