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Some of my classes have been podcast in the past and can be found online.

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Syllabus, Part 2: Details relevant to all my classes

About how the class is taught (The repercussions of ALC)

Key course process things to keep in mind (refresh your memory of these from time-to-time)

What do you think your instructors like to be called? (how to address me)

➜ Grades, course policies, academic integrity, and accommodations (vital grade policies, as PDF)

➜ Grades, course policies, academic integrity, and accommodations (vital grade policies, as ePUB)

Key terms and concepts (frequently used in instructions and grading rubrics)

(Titles, people, places, terms in Premodern and Modern Japanese literature)

Reading Companion page for Oe Kenzaburo works

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Some of my class descriptions and audio comments by me are here.

In Spring 2019, I will be teaching:

J130 (not sure about the online version: this class will focus on haiku, in the original)

J159 (online version is out-of-date—I will be changing emphasis

EA109 (online description is reasonable close to what I will do)

In Summer 2019, it is possible I will again teach EA105

Film modules (in support of EA105 "Core Romantic Values")
2046 | 3-Iron | Chunhyang | Dolls | Farewell my Concubine (currently no support page) | House of Flying Daggers | Norwegian Wood | Three Times | Tokyo Sonata (currently no support page) | Tony Takitani (currently no page)

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More or less permanent pages

These panels lead to pages on the imperial poetry collection Selection of Poems Old and New (Kokin waka shū), The Tale of Genji and Heian culture, and The Tale of Heike. Each of these was developed for lecture series at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco or for classes at UC-Berkeley but have been modified over time. They are intended for a general audience.