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Fall 2019 — Course syllabus, bCourse access, session-by-session details

If you are joining any of the below classes late: 1) Read the syllabus since the engagement expectations and grading process might not be what you expect, 2) Read Syllabus, Part 2, Active Learning so get a sense of the amount of involvement the class will require which might be more than you expect, 3) Go to Session Details and catch-up with the reading by the next session you will be attending. In the case of EA105 and J159 this might be challenging but it is nevertheless necessary. 4) It is not possible to make up missed assignments.

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Japanese Lit & Culture Course dictionary ("Mini-Dictionary")


A course dictionary of terms and the concepts they represent that are used frequently in my course instructions and grading rubrics that the student needs to understand in order to score well.

Ōe Kenzaburō Reading Companion Web Page by Wallace


Titles, people, places, and terms in premodern and modern Japanese literature.

Film modules for EA105 "Interpreting Love Narratives (ILN)"

2046 | 3-Iron | Chunhyang | Dolls | Farewell my Concubine (currently no support page) | House of Flying Daggers | Norwegian Wood | Three Times | Tokyo Sonata (currently no support page) | Tony Takitani (currently no support page)

Future classes (tentative)

Spring 2020:

  • J 173 – Modern Japanese literature in translation: short narrative (no prerequisites)
  • J 177 Urami – Rancor and Revenge in Japanese Literature (no prerequisites)
  • EALANG 109 – History of the Culture of Tea in China and Japan (no prerequisites) A NOTE ABOUT THIS COURSE

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These panels lead to pages on the imperial poetry collection Selection of Poems Old and New (Kokin waka shū), The Tale of Genji and Heian culture, and The Tale of Heike. Each of these was developed for lecture series at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco or for classes at UC-Berkeley but have been modified over time. They are intended for a general audience. The code supporting them is quite old.