Note to Collectors: This auction is for the financial benefit of my brother's widow and child so no trade offers please. Also, as I discover more items they will be photographed or scanned and posted here as quickly as possible, so check back often for updates. I am comparing the items for value assessment with listings in publications such as the Blue Book of Airguns. Most rifles are in excellent condition, but have not been fired since mid-2003 when my brother last cleaned, oiled, and repaired them, so they will probably need a little oiling before firing. There is no rust or noticable degradation as most all of the rifles were placed in their original packaging by my brother before his big move to California in 2003. Recently, I discovered most if not all of the original purchase orders from Air Rifle Headquarters, so I am going through the details and adding features and notes to the individual rifle listings. Eventually I will add an approximate value for each item and possibly also post them for sale at, so stay tuned.

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– Tom Hart