Yeah, so this is where I post my "art." (Read: sketches and drawings.)

Nanook at Rest
Beanie Baby Nanook.

Silly Ash
Ash Ketchum Playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Drawn in a fit of silliness,
as many of my drawings seem to be.

Lisa Flinney
Of all the characters I've created, this is my favorite. ^_^

Lisa at the Beach
Another drawing of Lisa.
This one was for the Summer Beach Party at the Megatokyo Art forum.

An unimportant Chibi
A chibi version of the hero from a little pet-project manga of mine.
The title comes simply from the fact that my name on the Megatokyo forums is "unimportantguy."

Comic Characters
This is a drawing by a friend of mine, based on my character designs, of the three main characters of a comic that we're working on.

A Style Experiment
Just an experiment in style. I like this, and I'm working on improving my work in this style.

Abused Girl
This was going really well, until I started smudging in the bruises on her face and neck.
Then I decided to smudge her sweater a little, and well... this is the result.
Oh well. It happens, I guess.

A [Color] Experiment
This is a colored version of the previous "Experiment" image.
It was an experiment in and of itself, as it is my first attempt at CG color.