This is where I put original writings. Anything goes here, be it short story, essay, poem, or
just plain insanity.Works are posted in order of release.

Black and White
This is a little story I wrote for my Creative Writing class. It has just a bit of disturbing content, I guess I'd have
to rate it like PG or PG-13. Anyway, it's a fun little story. See what you think.

What Will?
These are two songs I wrote while in school. "Phobia" resulted from my studies of phobias
in my Psychology class. I had a friend help me with the end. "What Will?" came from a time
in my senior year when I suddenly had a lot of new friends, but I wasn't really sure how they
felt about me. I'm still not sure.

A Night in a Dungeon
A descriptive essay I wrote for my Composition class, detailing a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

This story is not currently available.
It is in the re-write process.

Concealed Destiny
A song I wrote for an English class, based on a short story called "The Lottery."

An Audience With the King
One of several little bits and pieces that expand upon the world of my fantasy story.
This one adds a little detail to one of the minor characters' past.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all works here were written by me, Lancelot Takeda. They are my property,
so don't copy them.