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Hi and welcome to my WWW page. This is a continuing effort and will be upgraded as often as I can find time to work on it. For the time being, here are a few links I've found. In the future, I'll break them up better and add more descriptions.

Looking for PEOPLE on the Net?

Looking for ORGANIZATIONS on the Net?


Ansel Adams Home Page
ANU Art History
Art Crimes Index
Books On-line, Listed by Title
Commercial Art Sites
Jane Austen Info Page
Magellan Art Index
Olivia De Berardinis Home Page
Poems by Emily Dickinson
The FineArt Forum Resource Directory
The Poetry Garden Project: Home Page
The Work of M.C. Escher
University Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
Welcome to Designlink
Women Artists Archive


HRS Home Page
Oxbow Hay Company
PetBunny Homepage

Businesses and Economy

Airline Tickets Wholesale - the next generation
Annie's Homegrown Home Page
AT&T TalkingPower
BankAmerica Home Page
California Computer Show Schedule
Career Resource Homepage
CELEBRATIONS WINE CLUB. keywords: california grapevine vineyard
ChiPants Product Order Form
Eagle Express Flowers
EcoNet Home Page
Eldyne, Inc.'s Home Page
Future Fantasy Bookstore - Home Page
GUND's homepages
Image decoding and processing
Independent Business Alliance - Home Page
Infinite Illusions Juggling Supplies
ING Bank International
Internet Marketing Services, Inc. - Marketplace
IOMA Business Page
Online Career Center
OutPost Network - Telemarketing - Services Telemarketing reduction- they want money for this, but not much (credit cards)
Pacific Bell Web HomePage
Raikes Teddy Bears, Dolls and Collectibles
Rummaging Through Northern California
Science Applications International Corporation
Security APL Quote Server
Shopping2000 Home Page
Smart Valley Member Companies
Southwest Airlines Home Gate
The Internet Job Search
The NHWA Home Page
The OutPost Network The internet post office: subscription info and changes of address, greeting cards, etc. (pay services)
UPS Home Page
Welcome to Business On The Net
Welcome to TGV!
Welcome to the ABA Internet Site
Welcome to The Booksmith
Welcome to the Classified Flea Market's
Welcome to the Statewide Classified Network classified ads for lower 48 states
Wells Fargo's WWW Home Page
What's New at the Internet Mall [16 Jan, 96]

Computers and the Internet

"Make Your Own Home Page"
3Com Corporation Home Page
Alachua Freenet
BBN Planet
Cisco Systems
CommerceNet Home
CompuServe's Web
Computer Literacy Made Easy!
Digital Nation Welcome
Free-Nets & Community Networks
Internet Services FAQ (ver. 1.8)
Microsoft Corporation
Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet
Novell, Inc.
Power Computing Corporation Home Page First Mac compatibles
Prodigy Software
Sony Online
Starwave Corporation
Sun Microsystems Makers of PC-NFS & Netra Internet Servers
The IBM home page
The Internet Fax Server
The Internet Index
The NetCenter.
The Whole Internet Catalog
Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Welcome to Verity Inc.
What's New With NCSA Mosaic from the NCSA
Winn's World Wide Web Weakly Weekly

Mobile/wearable computing

HandyKey Corporation
Nomadic Research Labs
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mobile and Wireless Computi
Typing Injury FAQ/Keyboards
Wearable Computing Intro Page


Academic Institutions (Education)
ArchNet: Regions / Near East
ArtsEdge Network
California State University Home Page
California WWW Servers
CyberKids Home
CyberKids Home
Diogenes' Links To The Ancient World
Eagle Ridge Elementary School
Education (K-12) Worldwide
Educational Hotlists
Egypt Interactive -- Home Page
Explorer Home Page
Ideas and Education
Interactive On-Line Geometry
JASON Project
Jon's Home-School Resource Page
KidPub WWW Publishing
National Civil Rights Museum
On-line Reference Works
Pine View School for the Gifted
Project Gutenberg Home Page
The Ancient World Web: Main Index
The Ancient World Web: The Ultimate Index of All Things Ancient
The Hub
The Link Digital Campus
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Web 66


Autodesk- Job Opportunities- Job Postings
IntelliMatch On-Line Career Services
Welcome to
Welcome To The Monster Board!


7th Level
**Anagram Insanity is On Vacation**
Brendan's Amazing Anagram Generator
Children's Literature Web Guide
David Letterman's Top Ten
Games - Happy Puppy Games Onramp Home Page
Internet Entertainment Network
IUMA, Welcome to IUMA
Mr. Showbiz
Pie in the Sky Software
Rat's Mortal Kombat information
The Information SuperLibrary (tm)
The Jihad To Destroy Barney on the Worldwide Web 2.0
The Virtual Pub & Beer Emporium
The WWW Anagram Generator
Veggies Unite!
VIBEonline Takes a look at Cartoons
What is the Tarot
Welcome to Nintendo
Welcome to the Sega Web!


USENET Cookbook - Metric


ABAG Homepage
Antitrust Policy
Army Link - The U. S. Army Home Page
CA World Trade Commission
California Codes
California State Home Page
California State Senate
EDD Home Page
FedWorld Beta Home Page
Independent Federal Agencies
Internet Multicasting Service
Legislative Information on the Internet
Library of Congress
Office of the Director of the CIA
SSA Home Page
The California State Assembly
The Center for Democracy and Technology
The Cook Report: home page
The Department of the Treasury: IRS Tax forms and information
The Federal Web Locator
U.S. Department of Health
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. House Of Representatives
U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act
U.S. Patent/Full Text
U.S. Tax Code On-Line
United Nations
United States Postal Service
Welcome to the White House


AIDS Information Newsletter
Breast Cancer Information
Health & Fitness
Interactive Medical Student Lounge
International Health News: Home Page
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
MMG Home Page
National Cancer Institute home page
NIH Home Page
Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page
Stanford University Medical Center
The Arc, a national organization on mental retardation
The Medical Education Page
The Springboard
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: AIDS
Virtual Hospital Home Page
Welcome to NetVet
Your Health


Charm Net Personal IP Page
HaL Software Systems HTML Services and Products
How do they do that with HTML?
Other WWW counters
Q&D Software Development Home Page
The Bandwidth Conservation Society
The Code of the Geeks v3.1 Generator
The Common Gateway Interface
The Creative Internet: Transparent GIF Info
The HTML Writers Guild Website
Tools for the Trade at Home Pages, Inc.
Transparent GIF's
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources
Web-Counter Home Page
WebImage Information

Internet Navigation

Access-Infosystems: Main Menu
All about
California WWW Servers - Sensitive Map
CASTLES Information Network Home Page another ISP in the Fairfield, CA area
Cool Site of the Year Nominee a new one every day
Digital America my home ISP, AKA Access InfoSystems
DISCscribe Ltd. Cover Page - Netscape 2.0 Enhanced / Java Enhan ISP in Fredericton, New Brunswick
Domain Information (ftp)
FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
Four11 White Page Directory (SLED)
Fred Langa's Web HotSpots
Infoseek Home Page
Overview of the Web
Point Communications Corporation News, Top ten websites, owned by Lycos
Rob's links to the WEB
Sites for Sore Eyes WinMagWeb/CMP pubs links
So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup
Special Internet Connections: Last update 9/1/94 Yanoff list
SurfWatch Home Page
The Best of WWW Contest
The Internet Services List
The Lycos Home Page
The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
The Ultimate Links Page!
This is the Worst
URouLette Spin the wheel - you never know where you'll end up
Web Weavers
WebCrawler Searching
Weekly Hot 100 Websites List!
What's New Too!
World Wide Web FAQ
World Wide Yellow Pages
Yahoo Massively popular Internet Directory


Learning Japanese
The Human-Languages Page


Magic - All Magic Guide
Magical Links
Magical Secrets
Stevens Magic Emporium
Welcome to



Mystery!/Diana Rigg Bio
The New Avengers

Celebrity Pages

Chris Isaak
Lara Flynn Boyle
Neve Campbell
The Courteney Cox Fan Page
The Jennifer Connelly Internet Lodge
The Jessica Steen Page
The Sandra Bullock Public Information Web Page
The Sherilyn Fenn Page
Téa Leoni Home Page
Winona Ryder


The British Comedy Pages


IMDB: Route 66 Internet Movie Database - USA west (mirror)
Paramount Pictures Online Studio
The Hollyweb Online Film Guide
The Internet Movie Database
Welcome to Movie Madness!!


Music Sites Index
New Bookmark
the ultimate band list
Warner Bros. Records

Print Media

BookWeb Home Page
Calvin and Hobbes Comics Gallery
Computer Currents Interactive
Del Rey Homepage
Houghton Mifflin Company
InfoWorld Electric Page One
Laser Focus World Home Page
Mobile Office
Mobile Office
Pathfinder Table of Contents
Pyramid Magazine Home Page
Science Fiction Weekly
The Dilbert Zone
United Media
Welcome To HotWired!
Welcome to iWorld
Welcome to ZD Net
WinMagWeb Windows Magazine on the Internet
WraithSpace - Comix

Science Fiction

Earth 2: Eden Advance -- Welcome to our home page!
Page 4 of the Ultimate Links Page:- Science Fiction Links
Red Dwarf Home Page
The All New Red Dwarf Home Page.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The X-Files


c|net online - front door
Discovery Channel Online
FOX Broadcasting
MTV Web Site
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
TV Net®
Welcome to FOX Online!
Welcome to PBS


Current Middle Ages Web Server
Festival Tymes
Medieval Reenactment Page
SCA Book Of Links
Virtual SCA Library


AngelFire Communications
Falconry:Page by Wesley R. Elsberry
Get Ready . . .
MoToRoLa's K-Rad Elite Home Page
Rob Mac's Falconry Homepage
The Mountain Dulcimer Home Page
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
Welcome to IntertainNET!
XMission Internet Access


California Academy of Sciences
Exploratorium Home Page
Laserium Home Page
Museums, World Wide Arts Resources
Paris Pages: Museums / Musees
SGI Mirror Site
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
WebMuseum: The WebMuseum network
WWW Virtual Library: Museums - lists


Associated Press
CBS News: UTTMlink
Datebook Listing
InformationWeek Home Page
iWORLD Home Page
KPIX Online, San Francisco, CA USA
MediaInfo Interactive e-newspapers
Mercury Center Home Page
NetGuide Home Page
NPR Online
Palo Alto Weekly Home Page
San Francisco Examiner Home Page
San Mateo Times Home Page
Sources of News and Information
Starting Point - Magazines
Taxi's Electronic Newspapers
The Avion Online Newspaper
The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Gate
The New York Times on the Web
This week's TIME Magazine
Welcome to
Welcome to PC Week

Other Countries

Home of The Netherlands
Les Pages de Paris / The Paris Pages
SWISS+DIRECTORY world wide online ®
United Nations Home Page


Asian American Resources
AWiAF: Entry Point
Julia's Home Page
NTT Home Page
TMIWeb: Asian American Magazines, Books, News, Intros, Links
Tomodachi Online!
Transpacific Media Inc.
Transpacific Media Inc.

Personal Home Pages

Adel Alsaadi
Alexander Wall
Blanche Cohen
Bonni Hall: The Official Homepage
Brian Holle Online
Charly's Home Page
Cowgirl's Corral
DarkDan's Domain... HOME PAGE!
Finally Home
Frank B's Big Kahoona Home Page
George Goble (GHG) [EXTENDED HOME PAGE],1048594
Matt Kruse's Home Page
Amy's Homepage
Beth's Page
Boris's Rabbit Home Page
Crystal Poon
Jennifer Royce
Kim's homepage
KUDOS's Home Page
SomeBunny Cares!


Bacard's Privacy Page
Community ConneXion
Electronic Privacy Information Center Home Page
Spies: Surveillance, Privacy, Personal Protection


Arena Football Page
Ballroom Dancing in the SF Bay Area
Bass Fishing Home Page
BU's Interactive WWW Games
Cal Hiking and Outdoor Society
California Kayak Friends
California Virtual Tourist
Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts
Catalina Island Guide
City.Net World Map
Funky Site of the Day
FutureNet : MTB Pro
Games (Leisure and Recreation)
George Ferguson's Ultimate Page
Golf Digest GolfWeb
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Guide to the 1996 Olympic Games
Hiking and Walking Homepage
Hockey Links on the Web
In-line Skating FAQ
Japan Window Home Page
Lake Tahoe News Network
Lonely Planet Travel Centre
Mark Wheeler's US Soccer Page
Metal Detecting
Mexico TravelNet Homepage
Monterey Bay Regional Home Page
Monterey Peninsula Home Page
Moscow Kremlin On-line Excursion
Mountain Biking
Name That Tune!
NetWeb Bermuda - Home Page
Oh no! I need my MLB News!
Online Travel Information
Rag Presents -- Mama's Cucina
Recreation, Sports & Hobbies
Resort Sports Network
San Francisco Bay Area: Sports & Recreation
San Jose Sharks
Skydive Archive
Sports Information Server
Starting Point - Travel
Surfing the VegNet
The Branch Mall - 800-349-1747
The Climbing Archive!
The Frisbee Page
The Golden State Warriors
The Last Homely House's Game Room
The Mariner's Net
The NandO Sports Server
The National Park Service
The Nordic Pages
The Webfoot's Used Car Lot
Tourist Information
Travel & Entertainment Network
Travel Weekly's Home Page
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
Uncle Bob's Kids' Page
Virtual Las Vegas
Virtual Tourist - California
Virtual Vineyards
Welcome to Colin's FoxPro Page
Welcome to FishNet
Welcome to Talker
Wines on the Internet
World Wide Web of Sports
Yosemite National Park
Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web


Aircraft World
AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
California World Wide Web Servers
Cape Breton Pictorial Cookbook
LDEO Climate Group Home Page
Library Catalogs with Web Interfaces
Library WWW Servers
Microsoft® Encarta® HomePage
National Museum of American Art
The Financial Information Link Library
The Virginia Library and Information Network
The World of Benjamin Franklin
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library from the W3C
UBC Library Home Page
Welcome to Books That Work


A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Boulder Community Network
Catalina Island Guide
City.Net California, United States
Discover Spain
Geographic Information Systems - GIS
GRAND CANYON National Park
Internet Weather Services
Monterey Bay Regional Home Page
NPS - Golden Gate NRA - Alcatraz
San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond
San Francisco Bay Area: Radio & Television
San Francisco, California Travel
San Jose, CA
Ski Reports
Southern Santa Clara Valley
St. Louis Home Page
Telluride InfoZone
The Electronic Guide to Santa Cruz County
Weather Map


Access to the current seismicity
BADGER World Wide Web Home Page
Earthquake Information
Geographic Nameserver
Hopkins Bio-Informatics Home Page
Kid's Web - Physics
National Oceanographic Data Center Home Page
Preview The Heart
Rainforest Action Network Home Page
Recent HST Images
San Francisco Bay Area Earthquake Map
SEDS Internet Space Warehouse
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
The Springboard
The Tech Museum of Innovation
Today at NASA
UAS Home Page
Whale-Watching Web
World Health Organization


European Space Agency
NSSDC Photo Gallery
The NASA Homepage
Solar System Live
Student Space Awareness Homepage
Views Of The Solar System


Jumbo! - Shareware! Shareware! Shareware!
Shareware Central Interactive Catalog
The WinSite(tm) Archive
Walnut Creek CDROM Web Site
Welcome to

Social Science

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
Operation Desert Storm Debriefing Book
The Constitution of the United States of America
The Declaration of Independence
The Field Museum of Natural History
The Human-Languages Page
Thinking and Writing Clearly

Society and Culture

About Friends of the Earth
Asia Trade
Asian Astrology
Bay Area Restaurant Guide
Black/African Related Resources
Champlain: Canadian Information Explorer
ESB bus station
HELLAS Home Page
The EnviroWeb
The PCW Best of British Web Sites Page
The Springboard
The Universal Black Pages
The Wilderness Society
Things Latino-CyberRaza
Welcome to Islandia
Welcome to MYTHTEXT
Women Homepage
Women's Resources

Software Support

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Apple Computer You can get Quick Time software here
CIAC Security Web Site
Forte Source for Free Agent Newsviewer
Pegasus Mail
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
The HotDog Web Editor
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
Welcome to RealAudio !
Welcome to the Hash Inc.World Wide Web Page! Animation Master, 3D animation package
First Floor Software
Internet Marketing with Bulletins
Netscape Partner Programs
Search for Netscape Software using Yahoo directory
The Online Netscape Handbook
Netscape Company and Products Product Listing from Netscape
Netscape Server Test Drive Netscape Store
Netscape User Groups
Support Programs
QuickTime VR
The Well Connected Mac

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