And This is Maxwell St.


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The Maxwell Street Blues Home Sweet Home Page

A site dedicated to the memory and preservation of the Maxwell Street Market. (You can help.) One of a series of good sites about famous open-air markets from the Openair Market Network.

CPL Chicago Blues Archives

The blues archives of the Chicago Public Library house a wealth of information about the history of the blues in Chicago.

Chicago Blues Artists Who's Who

A list of important people in the history of the Chicago blues with short biographies.

Chuck Cowdery Blues Page

A personal site with information about Maxwell Street and the history of the blues there.

Delta Snake Blues News

Extensive site with all kinds of news about the blues scene

Blues Online: Chicago Blues

Part of a big site about the blues generally. Offers photos, biographies, event information, links to other blues-related sites, etc.

That Blues Music Page

A big site with all kinds of information about the blues. Has sound clips. Geared to record enthusiasts.

The Blue Highway

A nicely designed and very thorough site. Something for everyone here. Has a good list of other blues resources on the net.

The Blues Web

This site offers a wealth of information, but its haphazard presentation makes it difficult to use. If you've got the time to browse (and a fast modem) it's worth a visit.

The Blue Flame Cafe

A nicely presented "interactive biographical encyclopedia" of the most important blues performers. Good material, although often not sourced.


One of the first blues sites on the Web. An interesting offering with a good page of blues links, among other things.

NY CD Blues

A big, nicely designed site that offers many, many reviews of the blues on CD

Prewar Blues & Gospel on Microgroove

By G gen Antonsson. An extraordinary on-line reference for anyone interested in pre-war blues. Essentially makes most of Dixon, Godrich, and Rye's "Blues and Gospel Records: 1890-1943" searchable.


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