Tayu Self Study Program

A comprehensive course for those on the path of Awakening

The Tayu Self Study Program has been designed for people who live outside Northern California who nevertheless wish to work with Tayu Center on a regular basis. This program can effectively be engaged in on an individual basis, and it provides for the necessary guidance from Tayu Center. It includes the following:

1. Practice Journal

Students are requested to maintain a monthly practice journal. This is intended to include a record of one's daily practice, including exercises, and the results of one's self- observation during the day. It should also include any questions that have arisen. Once a month, the student will mail a copy of this journal to the Center. (This may also be done by fax or E-mail, by prior arrangement.) If possible, once a year this should take the form of an oral (taped) journal.

2. Private Interview

Once a month, after receipt by the Center of the practice journal for the previous month, the student is entitled to arrange a private telephone interview with one of the teachers at the Center. This will permit the student to talk about his/her self-observation practice, and to ask any questions that have come up since the last interview.

3. Exercises and Reading

The student will be assigned exercises and/or reading material for each month, based upon his/her progress and needs. Some reading material will be supplied by the Center, but most will be from books available commercially. There will also be a suggested general reading list for those wishing to explore the Teaching further.

4. Talk Subscription

Generally twice each month, Robert gives a Saturday morning talk to the students at the Center. If there is interest, we will make available copies of these talks each month to all students at a discounted rate (approximately $6. per tape).

5. Participation in Tayu Activities

Students will have the right to visit Tayu Center and participate in all public activities without charge. This does not include the cost of lodgings or food at extended retreats, workshops, or conferences. Students are encouraged to visit the center at least once a year.

6. Local Study Groups

Although by no means required or necessary, it is nevertheless recommended that students consider forming a study group in their local area. This will make it possible to engage in Co-meditation on a regular basis, as well as getting the benefit of interaction with other students. The Center will support such study groups with instruction and study materials, and will endeavor to have one of its teachers visit the study group on as regular a basis as time and finances permit.

7. Donation

Students participating in this program are expected to donate a minimum of $40. per month. This donation will provide for all regular program materials and activities, and a subscription to The Way Fourth.

8. Application

Those wishing to participate in this program should send a letter of intent to the Secretary, Tayu Center, P.O. Box 11554, Santa Rosa, CA 95406, giving one's spiritual background and experience, and explaining why one wishes to become a student of the Center. One should include the first month's donation. If for some reason the student is not acceptable for this program, the donation will be returned.

For additional information, or if you have questions, you may write to the Secretary, or you may call the Center between 7 and 10 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Wednesday, at (707) 829-9579.