Magic Thoughts

by Michelle Graham

For some time now I have noticed in my self-observation a very persistent effort on the part of my android to find “magic thoughts.” Magic thoughts are ones that my android believes will take away pain, solve problems and make life much better. A recent example arose when I encountered a painful event in my life: I watched as my android went down every possible road of thoughts to look for one that could somehow solve the pain. Every time I would begin to feel some sad emotions, the thoughts would start up to try to divert me from feeling them. They were thoughts that were trying to “make sense” of the situation, and to figure out some idea of how it would all turn out okay in the end, so that I would not have to feel those pesky emotions. I have also even noticed this arising in conjunction with getting sick. Rather than just listening to what my body needed in the moment, my android seemed to be trying to constantly assess and figure out the situation. It seemed to be looking for a magic thought that would determine the most absolutely perfect course of action to recoup the fastest.

It’s funny to me that the android, supposedly so adept at logical thinking, can be so illogical as to believe that a mental thought can “solve” an emotional state or even a physical illness.