Editor’s Note

In this special issue of the Way Fourth, we consider the implications for spiritual practice of the destructive events of September 11, 2001, and the ongoing consequences of those terrible acts. For Tayu meditation practitioners as for others, new questions have arisen in the context of practice, and other questions have gained new urgency in the context of these events. Among the questions we address in this issue – but not limited to this list – are the following:

Does evil exist? What is true patriotism, and how can I embody it? In the wake of destruction, how should I treat those I love? How should I treat those I fear or despise? Should spiritual practice be looked to as a source of solace in the face of tragedy? If so, how can practitioners tap into this source? Do I have a responsibility to make the world happier and gentler, and if so, how should I approach this task? How can I help others who suffer?