A Note from the Editor

Welcome to Issue 42 of The Way Fourth. Long time readers will remember that it has been nearly three years since Issue 41 was published. Despite appearances, we at Tayu Meditation Center have not been idle since 2002. In fact, we began a new project in the fall of that year that has occupied our attention: the Many Rivers Books & Tea project in Sebastopol, California (www.manyriversbooks.com). During this period, establishing and maintaining the store has constituted the primary work activity of our spiritual school. The hiatus in publishing this newsletter has been a regrettable but necessary consequence. However, with this issue we are pleased to announce the resumption of quarterly publication of The Way Fourth.

In the pages that follow, one piece addresses the Many Rivers project. The rest of the issue is devoted to celebration of the seventh anniversary of the passing of Tayu founder Robert Daniel Ennis. As ever, we hope that readers will find inspiration for their own practices in these pages.