Baby Knows (a page from baby's journal)
by Cheryl Fonseca

Last night our spiritual teacher, Robert, was answering any questions that we had. Your dad Thomas asked, "What's the meaning of life?" Robert picked up the nearest thing to him, which happened to be a phone and said, "This is the meaning of life." (With a slightly rueful grin on his face.) He proceeded to tell us that you, Grant, know the meaning of life right now. He said that babies know the meaning of life until they learn to speak, and then they forget.

So I've been observing you, and asking you, trying to get a glimpse of what you know: You seem very at peace, content as can be without words. You eat, sleep and produce waste for survival. So you probably don't drown in unnecessary thoughts, nor do you dream with words or daydream. How free that seems to me. You show emotions, honestly as you feel them, but you don't hang on to them. You do this by facial expressions, your voice box and body movements.

Everything different that you see for the first time has no associations, you just take it in, neither accepting nor rejecting. If you get hurt, you cry and after that, you're done with it. You seem extremely cheerful, and you provide honest smiles generously. Your laugh and squeals are so sincere.

Robert also suggested that you picked us as parents. That makes me feel wonderful. (Thank you for picking us!) You are very dependent on us at 3 months old. Maybe as we are dependent on the universe. However, nothing OWNS you. That to me seems very freeing. I don't know the meaning of life and you have a lot to teach me - but this has been a good exercise. I love you very much Grant.