by Meredith Breeden

One day, not too long ago, I got up early to go to a meeting. This was one of those mornings I was not happy about being awake. Continuing to observe this mood I went to the meeting. Sometime during it I remembered Stuart saying, "Put your full attention on your surroundings." Allowing myself to pay full attention to the meeting, I soon felt better.

When I told this story at the next Tayu meeting, Robert said, "We feel good doing what we are meant to do." On the drive home the following story came to mind and for me illustrates what Robert said.

A woman died and an angel gave her a tour of the afterlife. The first room they entered was a large hall filled with people and a wondrous feast. After they left the room the woman asked the angel, "How come the people at the feast were so unhappy?" The angel responded, "Did you see those long spoons tied to their arms?" "Yes," she grimaced. "They were so long they couldn’t feed themselves." "Exactly," smiled the angel. "And what place was that?" she asked. "That was Hell," answered the angel.

The next room was apparently exactly the same as the first: a large hall, a sumptuous feast, people with long spoons tied to their arms. Once outside the room the woman exclaimed, "It’s the same as the other hall, yet the people are happy!" The angel prompted, "What were they doing?" The woman grinned and replied, "They were feeding each other. "That was Heaven," said the angel.

Now this story has resonated with my feelings. I know and feel that we are meant to nourish each other.