Get spiritually poor to get spiritually rich
By Thomas Fonseca

At this stage of spiritual development there is some assurance. The road ahead seems to be more of what is now behind me - and the challenge now is the challenge that was before, only more so. To abandon the old ways and trust that what will come will be better than what was. To release the comfortable and the known to make space for something new and unknown. Not entirely unknown, but largely unknown. All of this and the knowledge that, once done, nothing may be as it was.

Fear.... Fear and negativity keep me at this spiritual level. And it gets harder to move forward because with each real change in level, however small, life becomes that much more livable. And life being unlivable is a big motivating factor. The motivation must come from elsewhere, the desire for completion.

The abandonment, the opening, the letting go of what is in anticipation of what might be. That is a primary difficulty in spiritual work. It requires one to release the old stuff first.

To make a suitable space for the new stuff. Imagine having to sell your old furniture before you can acquire new furniture. The between time might be uncomfortable. And what if you realize that you don't even need to replace that old piece. There will be this big empty spot where it used to be. What will visitors say when you have no couch for them to sit on!

No analogy is perfect but you may get the gist of it. The fear of the vacancy keeps the old furniture in place. All of that having been said, it's time again to load up the truck and make that trip to the Salvation Army.