The Bill of Wrongs

Most of have compiled through the course of our lives what might be called a Bill of Wrongs. This is list of all the real or imagined insults, deprivations, and simple failures to appreciate how wonderful we are which we have used to justify our belief in our inalienable right to be unhappy. Such a Bill of Wrongs is independent of any rational foundation, any real reason for our feeling this way, because looked at objectively with the eye of True Reason, it is clear that all of us have no genuine cause to be anything but eternally grateful for the incalculable gift of getting to experience a human lifetime.

We are gifted with an incredibly complex and beautiful creation to explore and attempt to understand and appreciate. The creation is generously supplied with air to breathe, food to eat, things to see, hear, and touch.

We are given a body that breathes, digests food, eliminates waste, can feel an incredible range of sensations and emotion, from pleasure to pain, from anger to love. It is even able to talk, to make plans, to create. It is more sophisticated than that of any other creature we are aware of.

In the beginning, when we are helpless, we are taken care of by others, fed, clothed, and given attention and education. We are taught how to communicate our needs to others, and to understand their needs in return.

Yet despite all these incredible gifts and blessings, unique in the Megalocosmos, most of us spend much of our time complaining about all the things we have not had, or do not have, or even will not have, to anyone who will listen, and if no one will listen, then we complain endlessly to ourselves through the medium of internal dialogue, also known as "thinking" (another wonderful possibility of the human organism).

One of the purposes of meditation is to bring us into intimate contact with the contents of our own minds. If we are brave, sincere, and determined enough to do this on a regular basis, we will sooner or later be confronted with the up-to-now generally childish and selfish nature of our consciousness. Eventually becoming properly ashamed at such ingratitude to the Creator, we will begin to become the kind of person, loving and compassionate, that is possible for each of us, and which alone can repay the Creator for the wonderful gift of this lifetime.