Tomahawk Ranch Herd Reduction Sale
Due to health reasons Tomahawk Ranch is reducing the herd down to just a few of the retired oldies. All of the horses have been handled, halter broke, lunges and are friendly. Most have some cart training. Included in the horses for sale are the horses I inherited from the Rodabi- J Ranch.

Tomahawk Ranch has been raising horses for about 60 years and miniature horses since 1989. The ranch is located in the hills of Northern California 7 miles west of the town of Healdsburg on 40 acres of forest. We love to drive our minis on the trails, in parades, at CDEs, at trotting races and at the shows. There is an assortment of driving equipment & supplies for sale.

For information contact Nancy Turner at:, (707)-433-4346

Or contact, Michele Markarian at:, (707)-301-0504