Banner Pleasure Buggy

This is miniature version of an 1890's buggy called a "Banner Buggy" which was built by a small company in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were marketed by "Sears and Roebuck." The unique thing about them is the fact that they have springs on the sides instead of the front and rear. This resulted in a better ride.
The body on this mini Banner Buggy is approximately 30 inches wide and 50 inches long. It weighs less than 150 lbs and comes with 20 inch wheels in front, 26 inch in the rear. The overall width of 48 inches makes them fit easily in a pickup. The floor is about 17 inches off the ground. The seat is 30 inches wide made with 4 inch high density foam and covered with marine vinyl. These buggies can be made with your choice of colors and pin stripping. Black buggies typically have a tan seat and tan painted pinstripes. Spray painted with a high gloss automotive paint it has a lovely finish. Like their name sakes they have 34 inch leaf springs that run from front to back on each side. An area for your spares kit and a whip holder is included.