Jazz is a lovely 30" daughter of NFCs Remarkable Rowdy. Remarkable has won many
Surpreme champions and was a Natioanl Honor Roll winner. His get includes LaVista 
Remarkable Mardi Gras the 2003 AMHA National GRCH Stallion, National Res. Champion
La Vistas Remarkable DWB and many other Regional & National winners.
Rowdy is the sire of National Grand Champions and like Remarkable seems to throw
the overo gene. Jazz has a liitle white on her side and we are hoping she is
carrying this overo gene. Her first foal from Image died at birth but
was a lovely small bay filly. She also had a lovely pinto colt in 2003 and is bred
to Celebrations Rebel Royale for a '05 foal.
Jazz has won Grand  Champions, was Norcal Hi Pt GrCh 28-30" Senior Mare,
VSMHC Hi PT Gr Ch "A" Senior Mare and Res Ch Solid Color Horse.
DOB: 5-2-98 Rowdy (34) NFCs Remarkable Rowdy (30.25) Kobecks Velvet Lady (30.5) La Vista Remarkable Jasmine (about 30") Hemlock Brooks Cock Robin (34) Kickapoos Kewpie Doll (31.75) Johnsons Little Missy (32)