4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Attendees at the August meeting :

 Stu Righter, President Ted Rollheiser, Secretary Gordon Meininger Art Gambini
Brian Curtis Fred Browne Gary O'Conner David Bush
Aaron Smith Dick Coughlan Paul Brown Mike Hogan
Gary Hubley Scott Davis Jim Dickey Richard Wasson
Tony Cabrera Arthur Smith Dick Wagner Bruce Jarvis

Stu reiterated thanks to all who helped pull off the baseline barbecue, Aaron Smith for his services as sergeant-at-arms, John Scharff for his expertise during the Antares observation, Scott Davis for his equipment demo, and of course, George Cinquini for the barbecue.

Stu attempted to correct the July minutes, somewhat gleefully pointing out that Antares is found in the constellation Scorpius, not Scorpio. However, Webster's Unabridged Universal Dictionary gives as the first definition for Scorpio, "a southern constellation .. said to resemble a scorpion". The definition for Scorpius is "the constellation Scorpio".


The Central Office sent a notice of next Board of Director's meeting to be held at 9:30 AM, Saturday, October 24 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Burlingame.

The Blood Bank of the Redwoods is soliciting for blood donors. Stu volunteered and called for some action from the chapter. Mike Hogan volunteered to head a blood drive.

The central office notified us that our chapter has 33 Corporate members in good standing with the State Association thus qualifying us for 2 chapter representatives on the board of directors.



Paul Brown reported that an instruction sheet is being produced to accompany the Monument Replacement Application. There was a motion by Dick Wagner that the chapter should undertake the preservation of the Section Corner at Windsor Road and Windsor-River Road. An ad hoc committee was formed for this purpose with Dick Wagner in charge, who wasted no time in drafting Mike Hogan and Gordon Meininger. Some concern was expressed about how many punches the monument might end up with if a committee of surveyors undertakes the positioning.


Stu suggested the formation of a committee to be responsible for the baseline barbecue to insure the production of this popular event is properly managed. It was decided that charging the Social Activities Committee with this responsibility would be appropriate.


Richard Wasson announced that he is running for the Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees and told us a little about what he hoped to accomplish if elected. Several members spoke in support of Rich and a motion was made and carried that the Chapter endorse his candidacy. I will draft a formal endorsement for Rich to use in his campaign and submit it to the chapter at the next meeting for approval.

We have a rare opportunity to help put a member our profession on the SRJC Board and he is clearly the best candidate. Let's spread the word.

Our planned speaker, Cris Nowrouzi of the Sonoma County Assessor's office was going to fill us in on the status of the Assessor's records and our access to them, but had to postpone. We're trying to get her rescheduled for the September meeting which will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16 at Michelle's Restaurant. No host cocktails at 6:30 in the lounge as usual.



Ted Rollheiser, PLS, Chapter Secretary