805 Healdsburg Ave.

Healdsburg, CA 95448


Attendees at the December meeting : 

Stu Righter, President Ted Rollheiser, Secretary Brad Hoffman, Treasurer Gordon Meininger
Dick Coughlan Patricia Wagner Pete Lescure Ralph Thomas
Richard Wagner Arthur Smith Vince D'Onofrio Mike Hogan
David Bush Gary O'Connor Gary Hubley Aaron Smith
Phil Danskin Jim Crabtree    


A formal request for contributions to reimburse the Chapter for the costs of aerial photo reproduction is included with this newsletter. Please consider the potential benefit of this project and of the work of the Chapter while loosening your purse strings. 

Due to a booking problem at Michelle's we did not have a private room to meet in, so an abbreviated meeting was held in the lounge. The outgoing and incoming officer's will have a "pass the baton" meeting December 23 to effect a seamless transition of power.



The Blood Bank has agreed to have a blood van parked at Michelle's for the next meeting. This will give all of us an opportunity to donate blood in the name of the Chapter. They have asked for a commitment of 20 donors so make a special effort to be there to participate in this worthy endeavor. Mike Hogan has put this together and will be calling to remind and encourage us to attend the January meeting with our sleeves rolled up. 


The Sonoma County Chapter is still in first place in the membership drive. All members are encouraged to attend meetings, bring your ideas, and join committees. 


It has come to my attention that grading planned for this spring at the Airport threatens to obliterate the 0 meter and 180 meter stations. I will be providing the committee with a copy of the grading plan and a contact at Brelje & Race to insure the proper steps are taken to maintain the integrity of this important resource.


Gary O'Connor reported on the "What's wrong with the LS Exam" meeting that was held in early December. Since the pass rate declined from an average of 17% over a four year period from 1994 to 1997, to 1.9% in 1998 there is apparently a problem and the Board of Registration seems to think it is the quality of the candidates. Could some change in climatic conditions, ozone destruction, or excessive espresso drinking have affected the ability of candidates to pass the exam ? What else could explain such a radical statistical divergence ? What if, just maybe, as Gary posited, it had something to do with the fact that the Board had eliminated a) grading on a curve, b) optional questions, c) access to old tests for review and study, d) access to exam answers by failing participants? Could it be that the problem is in the exam methodology ? Nah, it's the internet. The new generation of candidates obviously spends too much time surfing the Web instead of reading the Manual of Instructions.


There was a general uproar over the Lot Line Adjustment Urgency Ordinance approved by the Board of Supervisors December 1. This Ordinance prohibits the use of lot line adjustments to create additional developable parcels and provides specific criteria for determining whether a parcel is developable. The practice of using lot line adjustments to create additional developable parcels has been used in conjunction with parcels recognized through the Administrative Certificate of Compliance (ACC) process. An ACC recognizes a parcel as legally created for the purposes of sale or financing, but does not guarantee that the lot is developable. Prior to December 1, lot line adjustments could be used to rearrange parcel boundaries into a developable configuration, though there is no increase in the total number of legal parcels. 

Ralph Thomas suggested getting together a delegation to attend the January 5 Board meeting to protest this ordinance. Surveyors are encouraged to contact the Supervisor in their district regarding this matter. There were no dissenting votes by the Board 

The first meeting of 1999 will be at Michelle's on Wednesday, January 20 at 7:00 PM . Bloodletting will begin at 6:30 in the Mobile Blood Bank. 

I would like to express my appreciation to the Sonoma County Chapter of CLSA for the opportunity to serve as your secretary. It has been an interesting and educational experience. I encourage everyone to find time to participate in this organization. It is what you make it.

 Future correspondence should go to the new secretary, Vince D'Onofrio at the address in the heading.


Ted Rollheiser, 1998 Chapter Secretary