4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


The following members attended the meeting December:

Gordon Meininger Dick Wagner Mike Hogan Vince Dínofrio Dan Canet Joe Feyder Aaron Smith Mike Ford Ted Rollheiser

Brad Hoffman Brian White Gary OíConnor Bruce Jarvis Ralph Thomas Gary Hubley Stu Righter

The Treasurerís Report for the Fourth Quarter, 1997 indicates a balance of $10,548.03. The 1998 budget proposed by the outgoing treasurer Gary Hubley was discussed. Gary noted the need to procure additional funds to cover the cost of SCS photo reprinting ( a $3000 item ) and suggested suspending wine purchases by the chapter at meetings. ( See winter 1998 issue of the California Surveyor "Itís not Enough to Call Yourself a Professional" for some interesting discussion along these lines. ). It was agreed that a letter would be submitted to local firms soliciting donations for the SCS photo reprinting as several had expressed their willingness to participate on receipt of a written request.


Solicitation to sponsor a bulldog ( not a misprint ) in the CSUF Geomatics Engineering Conference Bulldog Race. Stu had authorized a $250 contribution to this worthy event. Proceeds to the CSUF Geomatics Equipment Endowment.

A list of the videos available from the CLSA Professional Development Video Library.


Various changes were made to the composition of the committees as reflected by the enclosed summary. In addition, the following actions were taken:

Education Committee: will explore the possibility of presenting some interesting ( profitable ? ) workshops. All suggestions are welcome.

Membership Committee: some discussion regarding the need to stimulate more interest among prospective members. All suggestions Öetc.

Professional Practices Committee: motion passed to invite Doane Heryford to receive a free meal at an upcoming meeting and to express the chapterís appreciation for his years of service.

Publications Committee: motion passed to discontinue this committee. An ad hoc committee can be assembled as needed.

GIS Development Committee: charged with composing a mission statement

There was open discussion regarding the issue of committee reports. President Righter promoted the idea that the practice of calling on committees for reports at every meeting to be replaced by semi-annual reports by the committees unless relevant business comes up in the interim.



A motion was passed to buy Dan Canet dinner in appreciation of his willingness to discuss the status of the monument preservation fund. Dan revealed that as of the first of the year there was $280,000 !! in the fund. Dan requests ideas from any and all as to how the fund might be used. The monumentation of the Napa-Sonoma County line had been discussed and Dan pointed out that any major work of this nature would be put out to bid. Dan also thought it would be useful if there was a way for surveyors to apply for funds to preserve monuments on smaller private projects where the projectís budget did not provide adequately for this work. No protocol currently exists to provide for disbursement of monument preservation funds to private surveyors. There could also be some opportunity to densify the HPGN network in conjunction with large preservation projects. The money canít be spent unless it has been budgeted and currently the County Surveyor has been budgeting $30000-$50000 annually "just in case" itís needed, the unused money being returned to the fund at the end of the year. Dan pointed out that the County Surveyor had been very receptive to having a procedure set up whereby some of this fund would be put to use. It was mentioned that since the fund is interest bearing and also receives new income, a provision could be made to budget only the accrued portion of the fund thereby perpetuating it.


The problem of non-payment of dues was discussed extensively. A motion was passed that goes something like this :

A chapter member will lose the "Member in Good Standing" status if dues are not paid within thirty days of said member having received a nasty phone call subsequent to two written notices at thirty day intervals requesting dues payments. Donít ask me to repeat that. Just pay the !#@?! Dues!

This meeting was conducted with a professional demeanor as is befitting this distinguished group and with a spirit of jovial camaraderie in which I invite you all to participate at the next meeting on February 18,1998 at Michelleís beginning at 7pm following a warm-up in Michelleís lounge at 6:30pm. The guest speaker will be Dorothy Calegari, CLSA Executive Director.


Ted Rollheiser, PLS , Chapter Secretary