4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Attendees at the July meeting :

Stu Righter, President Ted Rollheiser, Secretary Brad Hoffman, Treasurer George Cinquini, Executive Chef
Aaron Smith Art Gambini Brian White John Scharff
Dick Coughlan Ralph Thomas Pete Jackson Don Ketman
Bart Thomas Dan Canet Dick Wagner Gordon Meininger
Fred Browne Andy Allen R.A. Maddock Mike Ford
Kris Shaul Arthur Smith Scott Davis Ralph Russe
Russ Berringer

The July meeting, the annual baseline barbecue extravaganza was held at the Sonoma County Airport near the 300 meter station of the Sonoma County Baseline. This facility was a product of the Sonoma County Chapter Baseline Committee's hard work and dedication and is available for use by any surveyor who so desires. Location map and instructions and access device are kept at the County Surveyor's desk.

A barbecue buffet was provided, complements of the chapter, highlighted by Cinquini's astonishingly good burgers. Scott Davis provided demonstrations of Leica's robotic total station, and Stu Righter provided a very educational, hands on astronomical observation demo. Instead of the usual boring Polaris sighting, Antares in the constellation Scorpio was used as the target star. You might consider brushing up on this stuff in case public agencies start asking for horoscopes of the parties to lot line adjustments. Also you want to be able to tell Uranus from a black hole in Orion.

Business as usual was generally suspended in favor of much eating and merriment. However a preliminary version of the much anticipated MONUMENT REPLACEMENT APPLICATION was submitted to the chapter for review. The Monument Preservation Advisory Committee has been working with the County Surveyor's office to get this process off the ground. I've included a copy with the minutes. We're looking forward to hearing what you think about it so attend the next meeting and bring your notes.

A retirement dinner for Dan Canet is scheduled for Friday, August 21 at Los Robles Lodge. RSVP and pre-pay by August 14. Contact Laurel Putnam at 527-3714, Charlie Ozanich at 527-3628 or at the County Surveyor's Counter at the P&RM Department.

Mike Ford has invited Cris Nowrouzi of the Sonoma County Assessor's office to speak at the next meeting and fill us in on the status of the Assessor's records and our access to them. This promises to be a very informative program. The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., August 19 at Michelle's Restaurant. Since FAA regulations restricted us from consuming alcoholic beverages at the baseline meeting ;-) there will be an opportunity to catch up at 6:30 in the bar.


Ted Rollheiser, PLS, Chapter Secretary