4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


The following members attended the May meeting:

Stu Righter, President ; Ted Rollheiser, Secretary; Brad Hoffman, Treasurer

Aaron Smith , Dick Coughlan , Bart Thomas , George Cinquini , Art Gambini , Scott Davis

Gordon Meininger , Gary O’Connor , Mike Ford , Kris Shaul , Pete Jackson , Fred Browne

Bart Thomas , Greg Logan , Jerry Miller , Nancy Bader , Vince D’onofrio , Bruce Jarvis

Represented by attendees :

Adobe Associates , Brelje and Race , Carlile· Macy , Ray Carlson and Associates

City of Santa Rosa , County of Sonoma , Curtis and Associates , Dimensions 4

Haselbach Instruments , Hogan and Ford , Jackson and Associates , LaFranchi and Associates

Santa Rosa Junior College


We received a report from the central office indicating membership growth for 1997 by chapter and the Sonoma County Chapter was at the top of the list.


Scholarship Committee: Congratulations to Nancy Bader, 1998 scholarship recipient.

Nominating Committee: The 1999 officers have been chosen :

President Gordon Meininger
President-Elect John Scharff
Secretary Vince D’onofrio
Treasurer George Cinquini

Monument Preservation Advisory Committee: There has been no progress in defining a protocol by which surveyors might apply for funds to preserve monuments on private projects.

Education Committee: Jerry Miller moved that an LSIT Review be planned for the Spring 1999 exam.


At the April meeting it had been suggested that the cost of printing the 1942 aerial photos of Sonoma County might be an appropriate use of the monument preservation funds. Apparently this is not the case. The Survey Monument Preservation Ordinance ( #4182 ) and the California Government Code Sections 27584 and 27585 are quite specific regarding the use of the fund: "to pay the necessary expenses incurred or authorized by the county surveyor in any retracement or remonument survey of major historical land division lines upon which later surveys are based…section lines, rancho lines,…subdivision boundary lines…" As of now the Sonoma County CLSA is absorbing the entire cost of photo reproduction, $3000 +\-. Any reimbursement provided by local firms that might benefit in the future by the preservation of these photos is welcomed.

We will be providing the central office with a roster of our members in good standing by the end of the month. The number of members determines our representation at state meetings. If you haven't paid your 1998 dues by July 20 you will not be on this roster. Those who are delinquent will find an invoice included with this mailing. This is your second notice.

If you would like to receive an E-mail notification of the posting of the minutes on my Web site instead of receiving the minutes by snail-mail, send E-mail to with the subject line "clsa minutes" and I will add you to an E-mailing list.

Check out the CLSA web site at These minutes are posted at my site Use the first link "CLSA Sonoma County Chapter".


Mike Ford initiated a discussion about the assessor’s office records, referred to as the "back chain" records. These are working documents which can be used to compile chains of title. Apparently there is a danger that this resource is going to become less accessible, and the chapter has an interest in preventing this from happening. A motion was made that an investigation be launched to determine the status of these records and Mike Ford agreed to spearhead the inquiry on behalf of Sonoma County CLSA.

Next Wednesday, July 15, the renowned annual baseline barbecue meeting will be held at the Sonoma County Airport Baseline, starting at 7:00 PM. There will be astronomical observations, weather permitting. Scott Davis of Haselbach Instruments will be demonstrating Leica's robotic total station. Directions are enclosed.

Ted Rollheiser, Chapter Secretary