4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404



The following members attended the February meeting:

Stu Righter, President Ted Rollheiser, Secretary Brad Hoffman, Treasurer

Brian White Aaron Smith Bart Thomas Russ Berringer Dick Coughlan Jerry Miller

Kris Shall Vince D'onofrio Dale Roper Jim Crabtree Art Gambini Dick Wagner

Mike Ford Gary O'Conner Gordon Meininger


Represented by attendees :


Adobe Associates Brelje & Race Curtis & Assoc Ray Carlson & Assoc. Dick Coughlan

Lescure Engineering Sonoma County Water Agency Santa Rosa J.C Crabtee Land Surveying

Roper & Associates Green Valley Engineers Hogan & Ford R.H. Lee & Associates

Sonoma County Surveyor

The meeting was called to order by President Stu Righter.

The February minutes were approved without revision.



Balances are in a state of flux due to the dues payments pouring in so quickly. A quarterly report is forthcoming in April.


There was no significant correspondence. Pursuant to last month's request for donations for the conference door prizes it was decided that our contribution of $200 worth of Sonoma County wines should be earmarked half for door prizes and half for the auction, thereby increasing the exposure of the Sonoma County name. Thanks to Jim Crabtree for his efforts in acquiring and delivering the donation intact.




Monument Preservation Advisory Committee: Paul Browne has agreed to assume chairmanship. Dan Canet was injured while performing a daredevil stunt on a fruit picking ladder. A motion was passed to present Dan with a get-well certificate for dinner for two.

A proposal has been prepared by Bill O'Connell for a survey of the Napa-Sonoma County Line. There was some discussion questioning the priority of this task. The need for a program of preservation of more immediately threatened monuments was reiterated and specific instances of inaction by Public Works with regard to monument preservation were described by Dick Coughlan. Gary O'Connor provided assurances that Ed Scott, the County Surveyor, is very committed to seeing that the fund is utilized in as effective a manner as possible. Input from concerned ( that is, all ) surveyors is requested by the chapter. This would mean attending the meetings and joining in this discussion, which has been ongoing at every meeting in 1998.


Membership Committee: Art Gambini presented the results of a survey of the members he had conducted last year to determine what kind of things might generate more interest in the chapter's meetings and activities. Only eleven people responded. From the answers and the discussion that followed there seemed to be a consensus that interesting programs such as the baseline meetings or joint meetings with the Marin chapter are always a big draw. A calendar of planned events was suggested. If anyone who doesn't attend meetings has an idea of what would prompt more attendance and participation, why not attend a meeting and tell us about it?


G.I.S. Liaison Committee: Brian White presented the committee's mission statement and will be presenting it to the state board. The committee will be formulating a questionnaire to survey the membership regarding their knowledge and interests with regards to the G.I.S. field. Give this some thought. This is a rapidly expanding discipline and there are a lot of new tools available to us in this area. For more information, attend meetings.




Stu made a request for volunteers to help proctor the tests for the TrigStar competition and to man the booth at the career fair. 

Please, keep me updated regarding your current mailing address and contact information. 

For the time being the minutes and other pertinent chapter information will be posted on my web site under the first link "C.L.S.A. - Sonoma County Chapter".




Art Gambini pointed out that the City of Santa Rosa has instituted a formal process for meeting with surveyors and engineers prior to submittal of final maps and all agree that this should be a useful process.


After the meeting adjourned we viewed a video, courtesy of Stu, of the extraordinary Nova special on the surveying of India and Mount Everest. Great stuff, see if you can borrow it from Stu if you haven't seen it.

The next meeting is Wednesday, April 15 at 7:00 PM at Michelle's. At 6:30 we will meet in the bar and drink to the ultimate demise of the IRS.


Ted Rollheiser, Chapter Secretary