4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


The following members attended the May meeting:

Stu Righter, President Ted Rollheiser, Secretary Aaron Smith Dick Coughlan

Bart Thomas George Cinquini Art Gambini Scott Davis Ralph Thomas

Mike Hogan Gordon Meininger Paul Brown Gary Hubley Mike Ford

Chris Shall Dorothy Calegari

Represented by attendees :

Adobe Associates Brelje & Race Curtis & Assoc Ray Carlson & Assoc. Dick Coughlan

Hogan & Ford Cinquini & Passarino Green Valley Engineers

Haselbach Surveying Instruments Delta Geomatics CLSA Central Office


Inquiry from the state Professional Practice Committee as to the status of the chapter's Professional Practice Committee and if one exists, if there is interest in working in association with the state Committee.

Notification from the central office that the names of 1999 officers must be submitted by the end of July.

Forwarded by Susan Ruschmeyer, Draft of Board Policy Resolution #98 Regarding the Practices of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Related to GIS and LIS. I've included a copy with these minutes.

Also forwarded by Ms. Ruschmeyer, a letter from Bruce Joffe to the Bay Area Mapping Association reviewing the resolution and raising some interesting questions. "Could this be characterized as the LS full employment act ?", "..GIS is a repository for manipulating referential data, and not the source data itself, therefore, it should not fall under the requirements indicated by the B&P Code." I have the full text of this four page letter and it is very interesting reading. If you would like a copy contact me or attend the June meeting.

There is a bulletin from SRJC advertising for adjunct faculty to teach various surveying and civil engineering technology courses. Contact Jerry Miller for more information.


Scholarship Committee: Gordon Meininger reported that a recipient has been selected for a $600 scholarship and has been invited to attend our June meeting along with the other applicants.

Nominating Committee: Art Gambini reported that a candidate for treasurer has been lined up. Gordon Meininger is president-elect so as of the May meeting there were still openings for secretary and new president-elect.

Monument Preservation Advisory Committee: There had not been progress since last month. The committee is still waiting for a draft of the application for funds from the County Surveyor's office and will produce one if it is not forthcoming.


July 15 is the proposed date for the annual baseline meeting. Mark the date on your calendar now !

If you would like to receive an E-mail notification of the posting of the minutes on my Web site instead of receiving the minutes by snail-mail, send E-mail to with the subject line "clsa minutes" and I will add you to an E-mailing list. If I send just 30 less envelopes each month the chapter would save $115 per year in stamps alone. The trick is you have to actually check your E-mail once in while.


A list of members in good standing will be submitted to the central office in July. Make sure your chapter dues are paid so that you are on this list. The number of members in good standing determines how many chapter representatives we have to the state association.

Mike Ford expressed dismay at the lack of attendance and participation by local surveyors, pointing out that important issues are raised at meetings, citing the "surveyors in GIS" controversy raised by Bruce Joffe's discussion of Board Resolution #98. There was a lengthy discussion about surveyors' role in GIS and LIS. There is a consensus that we need to be more involved, as a profession, in the development of this field, to insure that the benefits realized by the public as a result of the Land Surveyor's Act are not diluted by the mapping practices of the GIS community. Dick Coughlan eloquently addressed this matter; "The representation of a boundary means that you have to be able to defend that boundary. Boundary surveying is not a mathematical solution, not coordinates, not an error circle. It is law and it has to be defended in law. As surveyors we are practicing law in it's most simplistic form….The lowest court to which people take a boundary dispute is a land surveyor. If they don't like his answer then they take it to court. We have to demonstrate to all … the GIS practitioner, the LIS practitioner, that if you misrepresent, we will challenge you."


Dorothy Calegari, CLSA executive director, was the guest speaker. She spoke to us about how what CLSA is trying to accomplish is classified into three areas; education, legislation, and communication. This was developed by the CLSA 's strategic plan adopted many years ago. Programs decided upon are based on input received from the chapters. The state organiztion is always looking to us for ideas, what CLSA can do as an organization that we cannot do independently.

In the area of education CLSA is striving to educate the public, to stimulate interest in students in surveying as a career, and to provide educational seminars and workshops for surveyors. She talked about the requirements other states have for continuing education, and how this has been a good thing for the profession increasing attendance at workshops, membership in professional surveying organizations and so forth.

In the area of legislation there has been an introduction of legislation to increase the requirements to take the LS exam in order to maintain comity with other states most of which have more restrictive requirements than California. Six years experience will be required to take the LS test, with no credit for having passed the LSIT. Two years will be required to take the LSIT. Other recent legislation includes a provision to file a corner record in lieu of a record of survey for certain very simple surveys.

Regarding communication, the big news is the upgrading of CLSA's impressive web site at The site is an amazing research tool with a new search by keyword facility. If you haven't visited the site, definitely check it out, and note that the research components will soon be available to members only and only the informational front end available to the general public.

The thread throughout Dorothy's talk was that CLSA is always looking to its members for input. How can the organization be improved, what programs are you interested in seeing, what direction should CLSA be taking. The state organization and your friendly local chapter is always open to suggestion and welcomes your participation.

Finally, Dorothy recounted a little of her own history with CLSA, going back to 1972. Her contributions to the surveying profession have been truly outstanding. We are very lucky to have an advocate of this caliber working for us.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 17, 7:00 PM at Michelle's Restaurant in Santa Rosa. Come and find out who will be nominated for next year's board of directors. If you're not there it might be you. Campaigning will begin in the bar at 6:30.

Ted Rollheiser, Chapter Secretary