4931 A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Attendees at the November meeting :

Stu Righter, President Ted Rollheiser, Secretary Brad Hoffman, Treasurer Dick Hogan
Mike Ford Gary O'Connor Bruce Jarvis Ralph Thomas
Dale Roper Mike Hogan George Cinquini Gordon Meininger
Bart Thomas David Bush Kris Shaul Jerry Miller
Aaron Smith Dick Coughlan Brian White Gary Hubley
Brad Hoffman


Final payment was made to Draftech for the historical aerial photos thereby seriously depleting the chapter's financial resources. We will be submitting a request for contributions to corporate members to reimburse the chapter for this expense.

In light of this Stu proposed that firms that wish to be included in the yellow pages block ad should be prepared to submit 80% of their share up front. Without prepayment the chapter will not have enough cash to pay for the ad without cashing one of the CD's.

Bruce Jarvis pointed out that prepayment had been required in the past, so this proposal is hardly a departure from tradition.


The chapter received e-mail from Pete Ehlert who sent his best wishes and gloated extensively about his current status in Southern California. If anyone is interested in reading it I'd be happy to forward it to you.

Greg Logan who couldn't attend the meeting sent e-mail to suggest submitting the Historical Records Committee Report concerning the 1942 aerial photos to Gaye LeBaron. The possible result would be some positive public exposure for the chapter and additional stimulus for local surveyors to feel compelled to contribute towards offsetting the cost.



Brian White reported on the most recent CLSA State Board meeting :

BORPEL Policy Resolution #96-03 was presented with a request for discussion of the issues addressed therein. This answers a number of questions regarding the requirement of a Record of Survey ( i.e. when staking a fence line, laying out a house foundation, etc. ).

CLSA is proposing a joint GIS conference in 2001 and is looking for input. A CLSA booth at the upcoming GIS conference in Oakland this February is being considered in the interests of improving relations between the GIS and Land Surveying communities.

The CLSA website is now offering advertising for members only.

CLSA is considering proposing a Record of Survey Plat similar to the Corner Record but in an 11 X 17 format. This would include the same information as a corner record but allow more room than the 8.5 X 11 Corner Record. More information about this will be upcoming. Discussion of this issue is on the agenda for the December meeting so bring your ideas.

The California Spatial Reference is proposing establishing 75 additional CORS and is seeking cooperation with CLSA and local agencies in establishing thepositions of the proposed stations.

Stu Righter who attended the meeting also discussed with Don D'onofrio the feasibility of a station at Sonoma State. Stu and Don also discussed NGS certification of the Sonoma County Baseline and the possibility of Don speaking at one of our chapter meetings.


The State Association is pushing the TrigStar program this year. Stu reiterated requests for volunteers to make sure Sonoma County participates.


Information will be coming about the chapter's blood drive. Roll up your sleeves.


Gary O'Connor received a call from the State Board about a meeting on December 5 to discuss "what's wrong with the CA LS exam". Attend the December chapter meeting to find out what kind of trouble Gary got in at that meeting.

Jerry Miller has been contacted by local law enforcement agencies regarding mapping of accident scenes. Apparently the police departments are interested in "taking a course" to learn how to collect data and prepare a map to be used as evidence in accident cases. It was proposed that CLSA should contact them about the availability of professional surveyors to perform the mapping functions associated with police work.

Jerry also informed us that SRJC is putting up $500,000 to put together a GIS Center , probably at the Petaluma Center, with a full range of hardware and software. Maybe they can use some old aerial photos for some of their projects.

The last meeting of 1998 will be at Michelle's on Wednesday, December 16 7:00 PM on. Holiday cheer will be available in the bar at 6:30.


Ted Rollheiser, Chapter Secretary