4931A Montecito Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Attendees at the September meeting :

 Stu Righter, President Gordon Meininger Gary O'connor Aaron Smith

Leonard Gabrielson Bart Thomas Dick Coughlan David Bush

Art Gambini Dick Wagner Howard Brunner Jim Crabtree

Dan Canet Jim Dickey Richard Wasson Bruce Jarvis

 Stu Righter called the meeting to order, Treasurer Brad Hoffman and myself were both absent due to circumstances beyond our control. ( note: The project in Yosemite N. P. that precipitated my absence is definitely NOT a vacation. It is one steep and rocky mutha. ) My thanks to Leonard Gabrielson for recording the proceedings and taking notes.

 The Treasurer's Report for the year to date was submitted. A copy is available on request. The issue of reimbursement for the cost of reproduction of the historic aerial photos of Sonoma County was raised. Stu pointed out that the total cost will reach about $3700, more than originally anticipated. The Chapter planned and is able to absorb some of the cost, but some reimbursement from members and firms who are potential beneficiaries of this effort is sought.

 There was no correspondence. 



Art Gambini's diligent research produced the following information about the terms of chapter representatives. Brian White's term began in January, 1998 and runs Through December, 1999. Ralph Thomas's term began in January, 1997 and runs through December, 1998. Dick Hogan and Bruce Jarvis are the alternates for an unspecified period. The chapter will therefore need to name a new rep to replace Ralph by the end of the year, or utilize one of the alternates until the next election. Howard Brunner described the chapter rep's duties. Anyone interested in applying for this prestigious position should speak up as soon as possible.


Howard Brunner reported that the City of Santa Rosa's revised and improved subdivision ordinance would be published soon. Also coming or in progress are review and revision of the zoning ordinance, criteria for buildable lots, and the lot line adjustment process. Howard had positive comments about the progress that has been made.

 Jim Crabtree noted that some positive changes had been made at the City of Healdsburg. Some members had mentioned some problems with Healdsburg's LLA procedure and hoped to be working with the City in ironing these out.


 There is now a link to the chapter minutes from the CLSA web site at in the "Organization" area.

The motion was made and carried to provide Rich Wasson with our endorsement of his candidacy for SRJC Board of Directors.

 The State Board had requested a vote on the question of whether a Record of Survey should be required for establishing or monumenting an easement. The Board is seeking statutory clarification of this issue. Legal counsel has rendered the opinion that when you survey an easement, it is not a property boundary therefore a Record of Survey is not required. This opinion was backed up by the Attorney General. A motion was made and carried in favor of requiring a record of survey, monumentation being the deciding point.

 There were mutual expressions of appreciation and regard between Dan Canet , recently retired, and the Chapter. Dan's years of practice with the County Surveyor's office exemplify the professionalism that CLSA strives to promote. We wish him well.

Michelle's Restaurant in Santa Rosa will be the site of a very special meeting on October 21 at 7:00 PM. Don't miss it . Cocktails and camaraderie will be available starting a 6:30 in the bar.

These minutes will be posted on the internet late this month due to my remote location and lack of access to my server, so those of you who usually receive e-mail notification are also getting this hard copy mailed to you.

 Ted Rollheiser, Chapter Secretary