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At this time the brick building at the corner of Magnolia and King had long housed the Golden Gate Cleaners. My mother took all our dry cleaning there for Mrs. Hockerson to handle. Later, florist Katherine Eubanks occupied it for many years. It's currently a restaurant.

Now, about the fire plugs. As a kid, I was an avid fan of all things fire department-related, and one year our friends the Cuthberts gave me a toy wooden fire plug for Christmas. I thought it would be highly amusing to pose it with the real thing. If this had been a color shot, you'd see the the traditional City of Larkspur hydrant colors of silver with red top on the realie. When I turned our back yard into the "City of Penton" I used that color scheme to paint the garden faucets, making them fire hydrants for my fire department.

The white post to the right of the hydrant supports the stop sign on King. Magnolia itself had no stop signs at all, from Corte Madera all the way to Kentfield.

Photo by Paul Penna