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Dear Friend

Diabetic children in Ukraine describe themselves as suffering with diabetes. In America we say we live with diabetes. We have access to high quality insulin, education, and treatment for complications. The reality is much different in Ukraine. Diabetics are offered U-40 insulin free of charge from the government; but must pay impossible prices for U-100 imported insulin. Few education clinics exist. It is not uncommon for a child in the village to develop a complication and not receive emergency medical care in time.

However, since 1990 through the efforts of the Ukrainian Diabetes Project there is hope. We are seeing transformation each year. We are seeing diabetic children smiling, no longer “suffering” from diabetes. Their attitudes are changing. Their health is improving.

Our vision, through direct diabetes education, is to improve diabetes health care in Ukraine, to help them change their attitude about the outcome of living with diabetes, to help them gain access to high quality health care, and to end the needless premature deaths of children with diabetes in Ukraine. Please review this site. We would like the opportunity to show you the difference we can make in a child’s life.

Andrea Skrypka

Project Director

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ukrainian Diabetes Project is to provide education in diabetes care to Ukrainian children with insulin-dependent diabetes to improve and maintain their health and enable them to live. In addition, diabetic supplies are collected and distributed to the children.

Our Goals
  • To provide a diabetes education program to children and their families.
  • To train Ukrainian medical personnel in the latest diabetes reasearch by sponsoring U.S. doctors to participate in the project.
  • To provide an opportonity for Ukrainians to meet Americans and share experiences of living with diabetes.
  • To bring Ukrainian children with diabetes to America to participate in children's diabetes summer camp.
  • To assist in the development of camps for diabetic children in Ukraine.
  • To continue providing diabetes supplies to children in Ukraine.
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