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Kyiv Herald, August 7, 1990
By Vitaly Rudichenko
City Guests

Diabetes Monitor, June 1991
By Andrea Carroll
Diabetes in The Soviet Union

Milford's Newspaper, July 16, 1991
By Brendan Canning
PEP reaches out to Ukraine

The Press Democrat, July 13, 1992
Supplies for diabetics needed

Cherkasy Countryside, September 1, 1992
By Kate Koval
Knowledge is empowerment to health

Diabetes Monitor, November 1992
By Andrea Carroll
Ukrainian Diabetes Project

The Press Democrat, April 11, 1993
By Suzanne Boynton
Sonoma County sends aid to Russia(Ukraine), with love

Sebastopol Times, March 1993
By Janice Drickey
Building bridges of humanity

The Press Democrat, May 30, 1994
By Suzanne Boynton
Sonoma County folks help grateful kids in 3 countries

The Press Democrat, June 5, 1994
By Richard Paul Hinkle
Saving diabetics' lives in the Ukraine

The Ukrainian Weekly, June 15, 1994
By Andrea Caroll
Diabetes project helps Ukraine

Diabetes Forecast, September 1994
By Marcia Levine Mazur
Mission to Ukraine

Diabetes Forecast, April 1995
Ukrainian Project Update

The Press Democrat, May 1, 1995
By Patricia Jacobus
Teens help diabetics in sister city

Channel 7 News, Salute of the Week, June 1995

San Francisco Chronicle, August 21, 1995
By Maitland Zane
Diabetic takes expertise to Ukraine children

Diabetes Interview, June 1996
By J. Pearson
Donations Being Accepted for the Ukrainian Diabetes Project

The Ukrainian Weekly, January 12, 1997
By Maria Lewytzkyj
Diabetes project in Ukraine provides hope: a translator's experience

The Ukrainian Weekly, May 25, 1997
By Maria Lewytzkyj
Bicyclists raise funds for diabetes project

The Ukrainian Weekly, October 25, 1998
By Maria Lewytzkyj
Ukrainian Diabetes Project continues education efforts in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Weekly, June 27, 2010
By Maria Hrycelak
UMANA Foundation now in its 15th year of activity

The Ukrainian Weekly, July 18, 2010
By Tyrssa Korduba
Ukrainian Diabetes Project seeks donors for its ongoing programs

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