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I'll be expanding this page into what I hope will become a full-scale online "store" (in association with for books on operating-system internals and undocumented features, plus related topics such as reverse engineering, intellectual property, interoperability, innovation, antitrust and competition, Microsoft and Intel, the impact of the Web on software development, the history of technology, and the impact of technological changes on popular culture. logo
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 Books on undocumented interfaces and operating system internals

 Books on intellectual property (copyright, patents, trade secrets, reverse-engineering law, etc.)

 Books on antitrust, competition, monopoly, and innovation

Undocumented Interfaces and Operating System Internals

Unauthorized Windows 95 by Andrew Schulman (with disk).

Unauthorized Windows 95 by Andrew Schulman (without disk). See above.

Matt Pietrek's new book, Windows 95 System Programming Secrets.

Inside the Windows 95 File System (IFSMgr, the Installable File System) by Stan Mitchell.
The book Undocumented Windows NT, by Prasad Dabak, Sandeep Phadke, and Milind Borate, to be published by O'Reilly & Associates, is not finished yet, but here's an excerpt and sample program, "Run any Ring 0 code from a Win32 application on Windows NT". More "Undocumented NT" links (I'll be updating this list):

Inside the Windows 95 Registry by Ron Petrusha.

Second edition! The Undocumented PC: A Programmer's Guide to I/O, CPUs, and Fixed Memory Areas by Frank van Gilluwe.

MFC Internals: Inside the Microsoft Foundation Class Architecture by George Shepherd and Scott Wingo.

Walter Oney's System Programming for Windows 95 (Microsoft Press).

DOS Internals by Geoff Chappell.

Windows Internals by Matt Pietrek (The Implementation of the Windows Operating Environment)

80x86 Architecture and Programming by Rakesh Agarwal.

John Lions' Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition, with Source Code. This is the famous "Lions Book, as described in the online jargon file and in the superb New Hacker's Dictionary compiled by Eric Raymond:
Lions Book n. "Source Code and Commentary on UNIX level 6", by John Lions. The two parts of this book contained (1) the entire source listing of the UNIX Version 6 kernel, and (2) a commentary on the source discussing the algorithms. These were circulated internally at the University of New South Wales beginning 1976--77, and were, for years after, the *only* detailed kernel documentation available to anyone outside Bell Labs. Because Western Electric wished to maintain trade secret status on the kernel, the Lions book was never formally published and was only supposed to be distributed to affiliates of source licensees (it is still possible to get a Bell Labs reprint of the book by sending a copy of a V6 source license to the right person at Bellcore, but *real* insiders have the UNSW edition). In spite of this, it soon spread by samizdat to a good many of the early UNIX hackers. 

Undocumented Windows by Schulman, Maxey, and Pietrek.

Undocumented DOS, 2nd edition, by Schulman, Maxey, Brown, Kyle, and Michels. Errata is available online

Dissecting DOS by Mike Podanoffsky.

Extending DOS, 2nd edition, by Ray Duncan et al. 

Windows++: Writing Reusable Windows Code in C++ by Paul Dilascia.

The Personal Computer from the Inside Out: The Programmer's Guide to Low-Level PC Hardware and Software by Murray Sargent III and Richard L. Shoemaker (3rd edition).

Windows Network Programming by Ralph Davis 

Intellectual Property

(Copyright, patents, trade secrets, reverse-engineering law, etc.)
The Software Developer's and Marketer's Legal Companion by Gene K. Landy.

Who Owns Information?: From Privacy to Public Access by Anne Wells Branscomb.

Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation by Sissela Bok.

Legal Secrets: Equality and Efficiency in the Common Law by Kim Lane Scheppelle. (Hardback only: very expensive.)

Interfaces on Trial: Intellectual Property and Interoperability in the Global Software Industry by Jonathan Band and Masanobu Katoh. (Hardback only; very expensive.)

Contested Culture: The Image, the Voice, and the Law by Jane M. Gaines.

Copyright's Highway: The Law and Lore of Copyright from Gutenberg to the Celestial Jukebox by Paul Goldstein.

The Nature of Copyright: A Law of Users' Rights by L. Ray Patterson and Stanley W. Lindberg.

Authors and Owners: The Invention of Copyright by Mark Rose.

Antitrust, competition, monopoly, and innovation

Steven P. Schnaars, Managing Imitation Strategies: How Later Entrants Seize Markets from Pioneers.

James M. Utterback, Mastering the Dynamics of Innovation: How Companies Can Seize Opportunities in the Face of Technological Change.

Richard N. Langlois and Paul L. Robertson, Firms, Markets, and Economic Change: A Dynamic Theory of Business Institutions.

Walter Adams and James W. Brock, Antitrust Economics on Trial: A Dialogue on the New Laissez-Faire.

W. Brian Arthur, Increasing Returns and Path Dependence in the Economy.

Unauthorized Windows 95 Update