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Botanical Ramblings in Sonoma County, California....and other diverse pastimes

by Nancy Harrison
(Botanist, Grandma, and Instructional Aide, Santa Rosa Jr College)

Local botany directly below Computer geeky stuff
Literature and art Science and math links
Miscellaneous Section Thanks to my Internet gurus!

Down the garden path...

..and into a field of lupines in Spring...

lupine field

Where do we find out about the oaks and wildflowers in California?
Here are the best places:
California Native Plant Society web page, and
Milo Baker Chapter of the California Native Plant Society
which is our local Sonoma County chapter -- come join us and look at our local flora!

And here are some wonderful resources for local gardeners:
A fine website for Sonoma County nurseries
and the Bay Area Gardener page

Other sites:

- Bay Area fungi!
with large, but very high quality photos and excellent information on each species.
An imagemap of Bay Area counties lets you pinpoint your local fungus area.

For field courses in the biology and ecology of plants and animals,
check out our Life Sciences page at Santa Rosa Jr. College


lemming goes east

Operating systems:

Alternate operating systems discussed on this "OS news" page,
with frequent timely news updates. There is a choice, souls!

Linux Tux
Linux is a Unix-like multiuser multitasking operating system that can run on PCs, from a 386 on up. Many other computer platforms like Alpha and Mac can also run Linux. And it is free and open source.
Linux is truly exploding in the computer industry and the media. To follow latest, up-to-the-minute Linux news go to Linux Today's excellent news page.
For more Linux links from the leading Linux magazine, Linux Journal, check out their links page here.

Since I have started using Linux, I know what "getting help on the Internet" truly means!
..like going to the Linux HOWTO page , for instance..
or the new Linux Knowledge Base, a great search engine...
or, to check out which XWindow manager to use, try this excellent site for screenshots
of the many windows "looks" you can get for your Linux box..
..and for a local slant, to the North Bay Linux Users Group.

Come join us, North Bay Linux users!

OS/2 Warp discussed in this fine online OS/2 magazine. Warp is an excellent OS, sadly neglected
by IBM, but still out there with a small band of faithful users, including Yours Truly.

Be OS - Like an Amiga on steroids
Be OS is being ported to Intel platforms! Read about it here.
And go to Be's web HQ for the full skinny on this powerful, multimedia OS.

Need a brushup on Unix? Try the Geek-Girl's page.

Apple rises from the flames
Get a new Mac for Christmas? Get more info at this excellent Mac page.
...and for local MacOS help, there is Sonoma County's North Coast Mac Users Group.

Arty, literary items -

The Bard's complete works in text form.
Classic literature
Read the Iliad lately? How about Pliny, Herodotus,
and other worthies from the ancient world? Brush up at this site.
Ukiyo-e - the pictures of the floating world
Japanese print masterpieces.

lemming goes west

Science, Math and more Computer links -

The Philosopher's Stone
This is my friend Ben's page about a special number.
Are numbers archtypes, or just logical inventions? Check out this page
and then ask yourself that question again.
The Standard Model of subatomic particles and their energies:
Here's a government site, excellently put together, describing the atomic nucleus
and all the forces of the universe; it will give either enlightenment
or terminal confusion to your Quantum Theory understanding. Great graphics!
How to cite Internet sources in scientific papers...good examples on this page
for those writing science papers and lab reports with 'Literature Cited' sections required.
Note: scientific citations require a specific format different from ordinary library
or bibliographical citation!
..And Internet sources require different treatment from books, journals, etc.

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Miscellaneous Links -Old and New

Delphi's Languages and Cultures page introduces you to features and discussions
of the world's cultures in all their diversity! I work on this page, so please go take a look.
And see Delphi announcement below.. you can go there FREE now and participate in thousands of forums.
L.L. Bean
Not just a mail-order catalog, but a trip through the nation's national parks.
Appalachian Trail Home Page
The whole Appalachian Trail, and links to every state along the way.
The Useless Pages
For some reason, I keep going back to these pages. Useless they may be,
but they lighten up the day and often lead to very interesting links indeed!
Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension.
A literate, witty site dealing with your favorite B movies.

lemmings meet

- - And now thanks to my Internet services and their gurus:

Walt Howe and his Internet navigation advice on Delphi
Thanks to Delphi for being such a great online service, and introducing me to the Internet in 1994.
Thanks to Sonoma Interconnect for being such a wonderful ISP.
Thanks to my favorite local internet guru, Steve Cerruti of PC Users Group of the Redwoods
who has put every resource but the kitchen sink on his page, Steve's Hot Stuff!
(And stay tuned for the kitchen sink!)

The Rights of Man:

ACLU Freedom Network

Wet and wildness, wildness and wet..
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet!
--G.M. Hopkins

Nancy Harrison - Life Sciences Dept.
Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, Calif. 95401
E-mail addresses:
And see our CNPS Milo Baker Chapter Page (shameless plug) HERE!
Created May 1996 -Revised Dec 1999