Growing at a rate of 30% a year, Eco-tourism is the fastest expanding segment of the tourist industry.  As the tourist community becomes more ecologically minded, the hotel and resorts that can provide their services while protecting the local environment will grow to be the eco-tourism industry leaders.  As the eco-tourism industry in your community grows, however, so can the impact on the local environment.

Humboldt Water Resources can help you provide the eco-friendly service your clients expect without great expense to you or negative impacts to the environment.  By balancing economic and environmental issues and showcasing environmental protection your resort or hotel can lead eco-tourism in your local community.

HWR can assist your facility or community with:

Humboldt Water Resources is a dynamic and diverse consulting firm specializing in sustainable development.  We aim to promote environmental conservation while helping to develop appropriate revenue generating projects for local economies.  HWR can assist you by developing and implementing appropriate technologies that have low capital and maintenance costs and reduce impacts to the environment upon which your business and the health of your community depend.  We will work with your planners, designers and engineers in order to create comprehensive designs which are both cost effective and environmentally sound.

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Humboldt Water Resources can provide services in English, Spanish, & Filipino.


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