This page is my record of what I am doing and where I get my "stuff". (The mind is going Dave...) I have a very a small residential backyard garden located in Zone 14. One of my neighbors refers to it as the jungle. The native plant community is Central Oak Woodland and Coastal Sage Scrub/Chaparral. The climate is classic Mediterranean. Summers are warm and dry, temperature ranges between the mid 70's to the upper 80's. 90 to 100 are reached on occasion until the fog returns to cool things down. Winters are cool and wet, with 25 to 30 inches of rain. We have an occasional light frost in the winter now and then. The soil is Adobe, deep heavy clay amended with lots of Sonoma Compost and Rock Dust. (VIDEO) The main growing season is March to November but depending on the plant, some things can be grown or left in place through the winter months. Risk of frost is from November 22 through February 21 Sonoma County is broken into three micro climates. Frost-free growing season is around 274 days from April 7 through October 16.Current Conditions Look up your garden zone via ZIP

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It is in rememberance to my grandfather who had me investigating worms and spiders while picking strawberries at the age of three and Billy who lives next door...a large braying hound who growls when I am in the garden. We have not yet become friends. His desire I am convinced is to have a taste of me. Favorite Tomato's Marin Favs Redwood Barn 2012

Alrighty then...I have built 8 raised vegetable beds in the back comprising 205 square feet. Fruit trees around the fenceline. I am growing my own organic veggies and fruit. Too many years not growing, what was I thinking? I have decided to get healthy!!

Currently I am transistioning the front yard to a native plant landscape. Interview CalFlora Salvias

Check out my health and resource page. Current Weather

Not MY garden, lol

Garden 25 Guided Tour from Duncan Sinclair on Vimeo.

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