Examples of Former Students Work - Web Graphics

The students enrolled in Web Graphics CIS 58.51A/B are required to create 2 mock-up Web sites for the various clients listed below.

The goal of the course are:
to gain experience using Photoshop and ImageReady
create the various components of a Web site (navigation, text, logo, photos, color, animation, and collage)
arrange Web site components into a layout that is easy to use and works well on the screen

Here are some examples of the work done by Web Graphics students.

Campus Web sites
Craig Palmer - opening screen and second level page
Maryann Smith - opening screen and second level page
Rachel Minor opening screen and second level page
Pam Carpenteropening screen and second level page Shook-Chu Chung Academy of Art College
Retirement Communities
GreenSpace Retirement Community by Shook-Chu Chung
Friends House by Shook Chu chung
Chancellors Place by Linda Drexler

Paddy Paws by River Mortenson
Wet Fins Fish Pool by Shook-Chu Chung
Cat's Pajamas by Shenoa Lawrence
Exotica Pets by Sue Santos

Worldwide Cruises Unlimited by Charles Kemper

Architects by Maryann Smith
Wild Iris Design by Valerie Brownrigg
Peter Stearns Art Gallery by Valerie Brownrigg