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I have many interests, so this is the jump-off point to all my different interests. A partial site list:

  1. All about us
  2. .
  3. Happy Feet Folk Dance Page.
  4. Links--contains sites concerning international folk dance, among other things.
  5. Island of the Mighty Tick page
  6. There are also vampire pages, a petition to repeal the law of gravity, etc. Follow the links.
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E-Mail us!You can e-mail us at: starfire at humboldt1 dot com. Real people will be able to send us mail. Spammers won't, and that's the whole point.

Is gravity getting you down? Tell the world to lighten up! Come in and make take a stand on this important issue! I feel gravity should be an optional thing, useful when taking a shower or swimming, but not mandatory. Tell them you don't need a law!

Sign our Petition to Repeal the Law of Gravity! Don't let gravity get you down!
. . . And while you're at it, participate in the Gravity Poll. Your opinion matters to us!

Something handy, an online legal dictionary: law.com Dictionary

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Mystery guest, please sign in!Please sign our guestbook! Let us know whether or not you enjoyed the site. This is not a commercial site. I don't offer free advertisements.

Love J. R. R. Tolkien? So do we. Enter the Land of Fae, and read some of my original poetry. This is my Elvish side, so enjoy.

Say hello to my pet tribble, Sangre.

Check out my links page and look for "Adopt a Tribble" if you want to adopt a tribble too!

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Check out our Site Map--You don't need Java, but if you have it, it's way cool!
Vampire Page for comedy and fun
Elena's Corner--vampire poetry page / Read an original short story, Too Much At Stake
A Forever Knight Site - White Knight Trapped in Darkness!
Happy Feet Folk Dance Page / Have a few laughs, visit our joke and comic pages
Island of the Mighty Tick Page!
What if Martha Stewart was a vampire?--find out here.
Homilies Another side of me. My preaching life.
Visit our links page!
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By Evaonne F. Hendricks
This page updated on March 24, 2009.