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This page is dedicated to the frothy goodness of an all-around nice guy-- the Tick.

As superheroes go, he is not the strongest, nor definitely the smartest, but we like him--a lot! And why, do you ask, do we really dig this big fella? Well, he is childlike in his innocence. Face, it, friends. He's too dumb to lie and get away with it! Not only that, but he is willing to love just about anybody, given half a chance. While he isn't the smallest ego around, he doesn't put down the little guy to make himself feel bigger.

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Have you seen the Tick lately? I haven't either. Why? The show had such potential, but they, the Powers That Be, did not make the show live up to its full potential. Personally, I am crushed. Where is Ben Edlund when we need him?

Does anyone know of a possibility of redoing the program in cartoons, or with real people? I would love to see more of The Tick brought to life, in a better venue (an hour, not just a teensy half hour slot), and with Ben Edlund writing the dialogue. Keep me posted. The Tick and related characters ® and © Ben Edlund. This site and its Tick related graphics are intended for non-commercial personal use only. In other words, this is a non-profit, non-commercial site.

The teensy animated Tick heads are by Tom Burger. Send comments to:
Just for fun, try some random quotes from the Tick's comic books and the cartoons on Comedy Central (next page!):

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