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Clara Brown

I have had dogs all my life and been involved in pure-bred dogs since 1972.  I started out in Belgian Tervuren and Golden Retrievers. I did very well in both breeds but found myself looking for a temperament that was a combination of the two breeds. In 1993 I was given my first Australian Shepherd by Sheila Polk (Tri-Ivory). And I was hooked!  I now only have Aussies and always will. The Australian Shepherd is the breed for me.

I have been very successful in the show ring, not only in conformation but also obedience.  I have gotten group placements and produced group placing dogs over the years. I was also ranked nation wide in obedience. I train, groom and handle my own dogs which is part of the reward in winning.


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I generally breed one or two litters a year and only do so when I am planning on keeping one of the puppies for show.  My puppies are not kennel raised and raising puppies is one of my favorite things to do! I especially feel a lot of satisfaction when new owners pick up their new addition. Not everyone is cut out for puppy raising, but it gives me special joy.

Since I take puppy raising very seriously,  all the puppies in my litters are well socialized and exposed to many different situations. They are familiar with cars, people and other animals.  I take great care to give my puppies a great start in life!

If you are interested in one my puppies, please contact me via email or fill out my Puppy Questionnaire.

 Please keep in mind that I usually have a waiting list for my puppies, and that I try to match the puppy with the family.

Clara F. Brown
Sebastopol, California