How To Create A Digital Collage:

These steps are simplified but give a good example of the steps to be followed to create your very own digital collage.

Here are the three photos I chose to combine into one! You will want to choose your own images based on their compatibility as far as complimentary colors, similar shadows, textures, etc.. The most important thing to consider is that the photos you choose are clear!

Bird of Paradise Green Balloons Hot Air Balloons on Ground


Scan 2 or more photos for the collage. After scanning look at the photos to decide which direction you would like them facing. I chose to rotate the bird of paradise horizontally so that the photo was easier to "read" ie. pointing to the right. Also, here is a good place to crop your background image. I worked with the contrast/brightness so that the flower would be more colorful and blend better with the balloons.

The image that you will be cropping (adding to background) should have well defined edges. Well defined edges helps to make it easier to select and cut around the outside of the image.. Now crop the portions of the image that you would like to use. You can cut it out roughly at this point. You will be able to erase to the background once you have it combined, and it is much easier to crop it then.

Open background image and add the cropped image to it 1st...make sure you do this as a layer if you can.

Correct sizing/lighting/shadows and especially watch that it looks like it belongs as part of the background image. I lightened up the background area behind where I added the balloons so that they showed up better for the finished collage. Also, here I had to add lots of light to the balloons since they were originally taken early in the morning on the cool, foggy morning of the balloon festival. Photoshop has a great tool for doing just this exact thing!

Feather and blend the edges of the cropped image so that it blends into the background as well as you can. Using the eraser tool at 50% does a very nice job of this.

Check your combined image and make sure you have considered blending into a single combined image shadows, color intensity, lighting, and especially edges.

Flatten layers, and save as a gif or jpeg at 72dpi.

Now you are ready to add your new digital collage to your web page for the world to see!

Completed Collage


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